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Of Lies and deliberate distortions - REWRITTEN!!


and Steinberg...above
Of Lies and deliberate distortions
 RE: [Letters The Australian]

Samah Ashrawi  Palestinian rights 13/9 understands that his plethora of distortions are too many for quick analysis.
He also understands that Hanan Asrawi - the arch - supporter of everything lacerating Israel has refused to debate Gerald Steinberg when so challenged. The woman was mute every time she was thus challenged - always  prefering media master - spin.
She is good at the art of dissembling.

Note the lady Ashrawi is a promoter of blood libels against Jews. And much more: see various links above. 
It is so easy to write discreditable rubbish – knowing that to debunk it would take reference to thousands of pages of basic history!

And thanks to the pathetic standards of our education system - the lady frequently gets away with it...

  1. Universities have to teach basic reading to those that the post - modernist system has vomited their way!
  2. And the same universities have pathetically  prostituted research by teaching and researching pap like 'climate science': note inverted commas with  contempt implied!
  3. Then to add further insult to catastrophic injury - they shop - around for research moneys to promote said pap in a plethora of areas: more on this another day. But one thing is certain. 'Too many' so - called ordinary people with mere common - sense on their side have for years complained about bizarre research devoid of merit. That too deserves research: research into decrepit, discreditable research! No wonder the lunatics in charge of conning governments and industry into more waste are complaining that the public have woken up to the chimeras they / lunatics play! What an insult: Nature magazine was once the elite Journal of science - it is now rubbish! 
  4. But back to the main theme:  we come to the CURRENT dishonest political lunacy - the promotion of anti -  Israel hate material as above links. AT OUR SO - CALLED ELITE UNIVERSITIES! Guilty are the ANU, the University of Sydney - and just about the lot of them!
This is the way of intellectual mayhem and  moral / politicised bankruptcy they freely practice: a pox on their decreptitudinal houses! 



Among the Bourgeoisophobes by the great DAVID BROOKS in 2002

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