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Nannette Rogers spoke with Tony Jones - Lateline - ABC

May 16, 2006 - Nannette Rogers has been Crown Prosecutor in Alice Springs for more than 12 years. Her paper and her comments are specifically drawn from her experience of the Aboriginal community in central Australia during those years and should not be considered a general critique of IndigenousAustralians.

Bad Aunty: 10 Years On, How ABC Lateline Sparked The Racist NT ... › Aboriginal Affairs

Jun 23, 2017 - Known as “the intervention”, this national disgrace destroyed the vestiges of Indigenousself-determination across the Northern Territory and had a .... escape serious punishment; Rogers even referenced a case in which an 18-year-old petrol sniffer simultaneously drowned a young girl while he raped her.

A culture of violence that must change - Opinion - › Opinion
May 18, 2006 - The Aboriginal academic Boni Robertson presented graphic accounts of alcohol-induced domestic violence and child sexual abuse, including the pack rape of a three-year-old girl. "I can't remember when I didn't feel scared," one woman told the task force. Nothing much seems to have changed since.

A culture of violence that must change

May 18, 2006
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Not for the first time are we outraged by violence in indigenous communities, writes Miranda Devine.

CASES of violence and child sexual abuse revealed to ABC's Lateline this week by the Alice Springs Crown prosecutor Nanette Rogers reveal conditions in some remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities so depraved and dysfunctional as to defy belief.
Rogers described how a seven-month-old baby was taken out of her home and raped. Blood in her nappy finally alerted somebody that she was injured. She needed surgery under general anaesthetic.
A two-year-old girl left unattended while her mother was away drinking was whisked away by a man and sexually assaulted. She also required surgery.
A six-year-old girl and her friends were followed to a waterhole by an 18-year-old petrol sniffer. "While she was playing in the water, he pulled her under and anally penetrated her and drowned her, probably simultaneously," Rogers said.
Rogers also detailed cases in which girls of 10 and 12 were handed over as "promised wives" to old men who took them away, with the permission of their family, and sexually assaulted them.
These horrendous crimes were catalogued in a dossier Rogers produced for police. Its revelation in gory detail on Lateline has caused ripples of outrage across the country.
But it is not the first time such atrocities have been revealed, tut-tutted over and then forgotten.
In 1999 Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Task Force on Violence published a survey of 25 Aboriginal communities. The Aboriginal academic Boni Robertson presented graphic accounts of alcohol-induced domestic violence and child sexual abuse, including the pack rape of a three-year-old girl.
"I can't remember when I didn't feel scared," one woman told the task force.
Nothing much seems to have changed since.
White Australia has attempted to assuage its guilt about the awful state of many Aboriginal communities with inquiries such as the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and Sir Ronald Wilson's 1997 "stolen children" report. The resultant ostentatious hand-wringing has arguably made life worse for the most vulnerable, voiceless members of already disadvantaged communities, where the word "disadvantaged" doesn't even begin to convey the truth.
The outcry about "stolen children" led to indigenous children being more likely to be left in abusive, dysfunctional families than non-indigenous children because welfare authorities are terrified of being paternalistic and creating another "stolen generation".

A culture of violence that must change

May 18, 2006
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The Community Services Commission described a few years ago "the current culture of 'hands off' when it comes to Aboriginal children". In 2000, the NSW Child Death Review Team noted the reluctance of authorities to intervene in Aboriginal cases of neglect or abuse: "A history of inappropriate intervention with the Aboriginal families should not lead now to an equally inappropriate lack of intervention for Aboriginal children at serious risk."
Outcry over the deaths in custody report led to more lenient sentencing and a reluctance by the "white legal system" to be seen as further victimising Aboriginal men. Nice in theory, but what about the victims?
An Aboriginal elder, Margaret Kemarre, told Lateline this week that what was needed to protect children and women was less alcohol and tougher sentencing. "It is all right for the judges … sitting up there, and putting things, but they don't know how our feeling of the parents and the whole extended families have … the grief."
Nanette Rogers began working in the Northern Territory as a defence barrister but became "sick of acting for violent Aboriginal men and putting up the same old excuses when I was appearing for them", she told Lateline. She switched to prosecutions after realising "how much emphasis was placed on Aboriginal customary law in terms of placing the offender in the best light, and it really closed off the voices of Aboriginal women, their viewpoints about how customary law impacted on the offence or the offender".
Joan Kimm, a Monash University academic and author of A Fatal Conjunction: Two Laws, Two Cultures,said yesterday she agreed with Rogers "in every point which she makes about indigenous male cultural attitudes to violence towards women".
In her book, Kimm analysed criminal cases dating from the 1950s and described how "indigenous men have relied on the cultural 'defence', that is, elements of traditional law and lore, to exonerate themselves and for mitigation of sentencing when charged with violent assaults on Aboriginal women".
She points out the "paradox" of a justice system which "might put the rights of traditional Aboriginal culture, with its inherent violence towards Aboriginal women, above the universal human right of those very women to live free from violence".
Although "traditional society was very violent to women, it was not like the rampant violence which now occurs because that violence was once confined within a strict legalistic society. The structure of that law and that society has been devastated. Yet that customary law has been successfully pleaded as a cultural defence."

A culture of violence that must change

May 18, 2006
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Kimm says she hopes Rogers "does not receive the odium (from some non-Aborigines and some Aborigines) which I have incurred for raising this issue".
The odium has begun. Yesterday's edition of the Crikey email newsletter contained criticism of Rogers for "blaming the victim".
And on the Herald's letters page yesterday, Dr David Rose from Gladesville blasted the Latelinestory as sinking to "new depths of shock-jock journalism" and lambasted Rogers for having a "poor understanding of the social and historical background that produced [the crimes]."
Rose objected to Lateline broadcasting "obscene, graphic details of child sexual abuse". Perhaps he would prefer that the crimes go unpunished and the victims' advocates be silenced just so his sensibilities aren't offended.
Full marks to Lateline for pursuing the story so vigorously.
But why did Tony Jones feel the need to ask Rogers: "Are you worried that the information itself may be abused by tabloids and racists even, shock jocks - the sort of people who will take information like this and exploit it?"
Are there really people so morally confused that they see opposition to the rape of babies as a "shock jock" phenomenon?

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Dear Prof Altman

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Date: Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 12:42 PM
Subject: please reply prof altman

Dear Prof Altman 
Basis your letter to editor in The Australian this morning: I ask you to justify what you wrote.
Se my link and links imbeded above.
See anything  else you like...teach me about your world of Marxist mayhem.

As an aside tell me this: how well ensconced are you in your world of socialism... Marxism ...whatever nomenclature you attribute to matters that do not work..and proven to have never worked except for a while on Kibbutzes?. non  contonderer?
for rush: I am sure much exists here for you to reconfigure reality...maybe a typo?

Yours Faithfully
Geoff Seidner
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LOOK AT THESE LINKS and see how the left can attack anything brilliant.
And worse... it is a never ending effort to debunk their professional spin.
I write this overview of the articles written by the great Jacinta Nampijana Price: see below links from my cognate blog.

▼  December (3)


Look carefully at either of Ms Price's articles. Espec the recent one dated 26 Dec.
 Contemplate she is not only 100% correct... not only unanswerable... but has ventured into many areas the left will loathe her for: eg the item on HUNTER GATHERERS....
So it finally elicited a response fro Prof Altman... which vitiates any elements by the said professor to respond rationally, logically and cogently!

So I have decided to write to the professor asking him to respond.
See next blog next week.
Geoff Seidner


by E Klein
Jul 29, 2017 - Dr Elise Klein. University of Melbourne. Introduction. 1. I make this submission drawing on over fifteen years experience working on development issues in Australia and internationally. As a Lecturer of Development. Studies at the University of Melbourne, I lead a research project into the Cashless Debit.

How the West has been lost to crypto - Communism

How the West has been lost to crypto - Communism

Call them neo - Communists if you like.
And as professional liars they have trained themselves to be liars: contemplate the tools they use and abuse - and the way new - world order of Marxism Inc. works.

I guess a major effort will have to be made to prove this as THE  reasonable synopsis of our time

  1. A real - world opportunity sadly does not exist to call them out: the world has become such a complex place that most people cannot absorb the simplest of logical corollaries.
  2. Tragically they cannot be made to see the sheer brilliance or the mendacious tripe in various works.
  3.  Also this problem: simply because perhaps 50 % of people are socialists. And the other 50% are or purport to be fools! Or really are!
  4.  Indeed somehow in the above grouping there are also those who refuse to put their brains to work and have multiple excuses: one of them is is resplendent ''I am suffering from information overload''
  5. Nothing doing: if they were ever somehow forced to detail the vacuous innards of their minds, all you would note is the the inexcusable lack of much.
TO BE CONTINUED... when I am in the mood or have a reason for doing so during the silly season?
Geoff Seidner

  1. a brief summary or general survey of something.

    "a synopsis of the insurance cover provided is set out below"
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    "a basic synopsis of the play"
    • an outline of the plot of a play, film, or book.

logical corolaries
a judgment (statement, proposition, formula) that is the logical result of, or in other words, follows logically from the premises of a conclusion or from the premises of an inference consisting of a series of conclusions; that which can be inferred from the premises on the basis of the rules and laws of logic.

  1. attractive and impressive through being richly colourful or sumptuous.

    "she was resplendent in a sea-green dress"

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    having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless.

    "a vacuous smile"
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Yesterday I posted  item below re the BDS ex a Jerusalem Post article. It is probably the only significant article this neophite has posted on Facebook. There is much to learn about Facebook for me.

Here is the url to the original article: my contribution is therein somewhere.

Early this morning I made a brief survey with my group of early - morning risers and shock / horror: none of the quasi - intellectuals had heard of the word BLOVIATE!

In spite of the obvious rejoinder as to how the use of such an arcane word can be justified, I put this to the reader.
IT REMAINS IN SPITE OF ALL - BY FAR THE ONLY WORD TO USE.... basis that nothing surpasses it!
It has such gravitas. And I cannot be accused of using it to impress those whose vocabulary does not equal
31,000 odd words - see below link
Amazing that: in spite of all the brief article.... as brilliant and important as it may have been without adopting the 'B' word!

You may come to appreciate that against all the apparent odds I was justified in using it.

And here is my prima facie proof... sort of:

.May we see the end of the BDS movement soon.

As an aside: how can N Z and Canada elect such  strangely inconsistent governments recently?
One could contemplate the king of Denmark wearing the yellow star ..and contemplate how the Danish govt is behaving as well: but it has taken 70 years or so.

Or the people of Iran around the Shah's time .......


Geoff Seidner
26 Dec 2017

Bloviate | Define Bloviate at

1857, American English, a Midwestern word for "to talk aimlessly and boastingly; to indulge in 'high falutin'," according to Farmer (1890), who seems to have been the only British lexicographer to notice it. He says it was based on blow (v.) on the model of deviate, etc. It seems to have been felt as outdated slang already by ...

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Subject: bds as per my facebook entry toda
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It used to be illegal to manifest or support primary or secondary boycotts.
No matter how egregious the defacto Nazi - type the attack on Jewish businesses and people by the enemies of Israel; no matter how pathetic their pretence of it not being plain Jew hatred - but merely a deep seated loathing of the Jewish state: those of dubious parentage got away with it!
So I tell ye all: it is time to use the law.
It is time to sue the appendages of hatred; the merely latest appendants of the oldest evil; the members who do not hide.
Where is courage?
A counter - boycott plainly can be formally started through whatever legal system one wishes to use.
I tell ye: our enemies bloviate about their favourite 'International law': so use their favourite tool.
Sue those of dubious parentage.
Make them pay.
The evidence is evidential and indicting.
And evince.
Whither art though, o lovers of justice and fair play.

Geoff Seidner
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Melbourne Australia

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