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Yesterday I posted  item below re the BDS ex a Jerusalem Post article. It is probably the only significant article this neophite has posted on Facebook. There is much to learn about Facebook for me.

Here is the url to the original article: my contribution is therein somewhere.

Early this morning I made a brief survey with my group of early - morning risers and shock / horror: none of the quasi - intellectuals had heard of the word BLOVIATE!

In spite of the obvious rejoinder as to how the use of such an arcane word can be justified, I put this to the reader.
IT REMAINS IN SPITE OF ALL - BY FAR THE ONLY WORD TO USE.... basis that nothing surpasses it!
It has such gravitas. And I cannot be accused of using it to impress those whose vocabulary does not equal
31,000 odd words - see below link
Amazing that: in spite of all the brief article.... as brilliant and important as it may have been without adopting the 'B' word!

You may come to appreciate that against all the apparent odds I was justified in using it.

And here is my prima facie proof... sort of:

.May we see the end of the BDS movement soon.

As an aside: how can N Z and Canada elect such  strangely inconsistent governments recently?
One could contemplate the king of Denmark wearing the yellow star ..and contemplate how the Danish govt is behaving as well: but it has taken 70 years or so.

Or the people of Iran around the Shah's time .......


Geoff Seidner
26 Dec 2017

Bloviate | Define Bloviate at Dictionary.com

1857, American English, a Midwestern word for "to talk aimlessly and boastingly; to indulge in 'high falutin'," according to Farmer (1890), who seems to have been the only British lexicographer to notice it. He says it was based on blow (v.) on the model of deviate, etc. It seems to have been felt as outdated slang already by ...

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From: Geoff Seidner <geoffseidner@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 12:12 PM
Subject: bds as per my facebook entry toda
To: Geoff Seidner <geoffseidner@gmail.com>

It used to be illegal to manifest or support primary or secondary boycotts.
No matter how egregious the defacto Nazi - type the attack on Jewish businesses and people by the enemies of Israel; no matter how pathetic their pretence of it not being plain Jew hatred - but merely a deep seated loathing of the Jewish state: those of dubious parentage got away with it!
So I tell ye all: it is time to use the law.
It is time to sue the appendages of hatred; the merely latest appendants of the oldest evil; the members who do not hide.
Where is courage?
A counter - boycott plainly can be formally started through whatever legal system one wishes to use.
I tell ye: our enemies bloviate about their favourite 'International law': so use their favourite tool.
Sue those of dubious parentage.
Make them pay.
The evidence is evidential and indicting.
And evince.
Whither art though, o lovers of justice and fair play.

Geoff Seidner
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Melbourne Australia

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