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From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 10:49 AM
Subject: Self - contradictory humbug
Paul Yates plays the eternal self – contradictory mere word -  game of deluded atheists. [Logical fallacy on God 30/12 Letters]
I do not understand why he refused to use any of Eric Metaxas dozens of near – infinity phrases: preferring  instead to create his own in ‘’vanishingly small set of realities.’’
Obviously he has a problem with ‘’realities.’’ He guiltlessly abuses the term.
Worse: Yates has a conscientious objection to numbers which he thus tries to hide via word games. And sadly his non - elegant dance merely more clearly illustrates it to those who are not shamelessly wilfully blind.
How inelegant this defacto concession of the irreducibly - insane idea of a million monkeys typing hypothesis. And and yet it moves  his mind into the stasis of trying denying the impossibly – small numbers he earlier conceded.
It must be a necessary ameliorative appendage; a penchant for creating impossible self – made problems.
And more important, he must think the erudite reader fails to see the following.
  1. Given the above virtual concession re ‘realities’ – he attempts a snow job via his miss use of that eternally abused ‘begging the question’ phrase.
  2. Lines later Yates amazingly postulates that these self – same  ‘’vanishingly small set of realities’’ can in fact ‘’exist entirely by chance...’’
  3. And reinforces the manifest contradiction it when he finishes with ‘The possibility that life in some form could exist elsewhere is real, and is worth exploring.’’
So I verily say to ye, o aesthetically atheistic one: be careful what you write -  someone is going to hold you to account.
The world is not completely held in thrall to you post – modernists.
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9 525 9299

Why Richard Dawkins' typing monkey theorem is a load of ...

And yet it moves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. Begging the question means "assuming the conclusion (of an argument)", a type of circular reasoning. This is an informal fallacy where the conclusion that one is attempting to prove is included in the initial premises of an argument, often in an indirect way that conceals this fact.
  2. Begging the question - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  4. Supplementary Links
  5. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/jewsevolution.html
  6. http://www.myjewishlearning.com/beliefs/Issues/Science/Creationism_and_Evolution.shtml
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Schroeder

Thursday, 25 December 2014

I AM COW / /// To the esteemed Clover Moore

From: g87
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2014 11:49 AM
Subject: To the esteemed Clover Moore

Clover Moore
Lord Mayor
Dear Ms Moore
In vain I look for a computer game for my 9 grandchildren called I AM COW. Please help me: no matter how determined my search I have merely found essentially variations on the the song by Christian Wentzel.
Wentzel sadly appears to be merely singing about cows belching, unprintable nether functions of their 4 stomachs, and the ozone layer.
He seems disrespectful methinks to those of us who are fond of mother cow. Thus my extreme interest in cow games of the modern type so my grandchildren can have real values.

The Sacredness of the Holy Cow - Bhagavad Gita

I have appended many links that are of interest for me: and by extension will save you the trouble of looking there: there no computer games there.
Nor have I seen any mention of the great debate of our times as to whether your parents had Orwell’s Clover in mind or mother cow.
You may care to posit an opinion. If perchance they are hale and hearty, you could ask them?
In the name of mother cow- I wish them much happiness and pride basis your actions in the holy bovine world.
Look forward to your comments and help
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda
Clover Moore is Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney - the first popularly elected woman in the role. Under her independent leadership, Sydney has developed a global reputation for taking ambitious action on climate change, delivering award-winning facilities, protecting open space, promoting design excellence, delivering new transport options and initiating progressive solutions to complex social problems.
483 George Street, Sydney NSW 2001
GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone +61 (0)2 9265 9229
I am cow hear me moo
I weigh twice as much as you
And I look good on the barbecue
Yogurt, curd, cream cheese, and butter's
made from liquid from my udders
I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo!

I am cow, eating grass
methane gas comes out my ass
and out my muzzle when I belch
o the ozone layer is thinner
from the outcome of my dinner
I am cow, I am cow, I've got gas

I am cow, here I stand
far and wide upon this land
and I am living everywhere
from B.C. to Newfoundland
You can squeeze my teats by hand
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow!

Albino BlacksheeP

I'm A Cow


Jill Esbaum I AM COW, HEAR ME MOO!

Tap Dancing Cow

The Hungry Cow - Minecraft Animation - Slamacow

cow walk-cycle

I Am Cow Music Video


Mike Beedell sings "I am cow, hear me moo!"

Cows & Cows & Cows - Crazy Dance / Techno Remix
Cows With Guns

Whole Cow Processed in under 12 minutes!


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I was on radio 3AW at around 10 40 am on Sunday Dec 21

Sunday Morning, December 21
I was on radio 3AW at around 10 40 am on Sunday Dec 21
Go to above link.
Find date of Dec 21
Click PLAY.
Locate GS @ 22 mins and enjoy....hopefully!

Geoff Seidner

Compared with the current cultural sensitive acts demanded by the left that history
 and people be wiped from memory.
Sort of!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Of Senators, Guns and BIG NUMBERS!

From: g87
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 10:29 AM
Subject: Of Senators, Guns and BIG NUMBERS!

In the news

  • Senator Leyonhjelm has long argued Australians should be allowed greater access to ..
    Hello Senator Leyonjhelm
    I continue broadly my broadside of December 16.
    I  wonder why, instead of responding to my hurriedly – written email [1] you decided to make your position more untenable.
    Nay, risible. No – even worse – absurd.
    Let me tell you why, Senator.
    Do you see this google  link? [4]
    You see, Senator unspellable – your latest position is impeachable, with your manifest ignorance of  statistics damnable.
    You see Senator you have already been indicted in the media within hours of your asinine  suggestion that citizenry should be armed to obviate the Sydney terror / murder! I wish also to add to your travails herein, Senator L.
    1. Did you ever think that the potential risk of what even the most elemental understanding of LARGE NUMBERS does to you? To wit: even the most elemental appreciation of LN should tell you that weaponry thus being made freely available would result in far greater disasters than could POSSIBLY be even remotely / potentially be saved against the rare terror attacks?
    2. Do you dispute that? You would, would you not? Being silly means never having to say you are sorry!
    3. But there is more – much more, senator DL. Kindly inform how you claim statistical deference for your cause: detail for me how many attacks have been foiled in Texas? Or anywhere else but in Israel perhaps.
    4. But Israel is a statistical anomaly in the most amazing way: guns are everywhere. Far too complex for you and your office manager Helen Darville / Demidenko / Dale. How is the dear lady? [7] I hear she has sworn off anti semitism. But somehow you will not mention Israel – or will you? If you do – you will not admit how wonderfully irrelevant Israel is to your totemic theorem of togetherness with guns.
    5. I would emigrate to the Central African Republic where the child soldiers [yesterday] do not believe that bullets can hurt them. Or you could adapt this selectively? They believe in witchcraft too.
    6. You could compensate for your flaccid policies and your manifest impotence by covering your ineptness with the sheath of social sophistry.
    BY the way – my nephew aged 5 years at the time, found his grandfather’s gun under his grandfather’s bed. Thank goodness his mother disarmed him rapidly! A few weeks later my mother was nearly shot when my father thought there was a burglar disturbance.
    He refused to give up his shotgun until John Howard’s policy forced him!
    I repeat: my earlier email perhaps needs an edit: sadly for you it remains a great parody in spite.
    Geoff Seidner
    1. a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword.
      synonyms: scabbardcase
      "he slid the gleaming sword out of its sheath"
      • a structure in living tissue which closely envelops another.
        "the fatty sheath around nerve fibres"
        synonyms: coveringcovercasecasingenvelopesleevewrapperMore
      • a protective covering around an electric cable.

    Totemism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Totemism is a belief in which each human is thought to have a spiritual connection or a kinship with another physical being, such as an animal or plant, often ...

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    1. The Last Word: The Darville in the Detail - Australia/Israel ...

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      Sep 24, 2014 - No longer known as Helen Darville, or by her authorial pseudonym, she is ... known as Helen Dale, staff member for Liberal Democrat Senator ...
    2. Senator David Leyonhjelm hires controversial author Helen ...

      Sep 9, 2014 - Helen Dale - otherwise known as Helen Demidenko - won the ... world of federal politics, working as an adviser to Senator Leyonhjelm who sits ...
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    3. Helen Darville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Jump to Later work and recent years - Darville was briefly a columnist with the Brisbane daily newspaper The ... After working as a secondary teacher for several years in Australia ... a Liberal Democrat member of the Australian Senate.
      Missing: aijac
  • Tuesday, 16 December 2014

    Hello Senator of the appendants, appendages and mere organs of the clowns of the socialism!

    From: g87
    Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 10:26 AM
    Subject: Hello Senator of the appendants, appendages and mere organs....

    Hello Senator of the appendants, appendages and mere organs of the clowns of the socialism!

    Sorry Senator Leyonhjelm,
    I could not decide on the short - version title of this epistle – so it was decided to use all derivatives of your ‘eclectic’ parliamentary use and abuse of the male organ.
    Sadly I just realized that the Jewish  Schmuck should have a place, non? It is popular in the USA.
    Do you feel yourself under siege?  I understand that this is now a popular word of the socially – adept. You know, ‘’this was a lone person acting and nothing to do with the Muslim community’’ [ABC Radio 774 9. 55 am today 16/12.. as I write]
    Earlier the good old Sally – person... the ABC commentator - said that the Muslim community will be ‘’under siege’’ earlier.
    Why are the lady people immune and inured from this style of diatribe? Sigh. Can you help?
    I tell you Senator it must be hard to be held accountable for what you say, non? Via this canticle of the class struggle it is hoped you will contribute some orifices that could be used to advantage? This beloow may help – see the Nicholson / Harradine Cartoon!



    Hello Michael Danby - I hear you are crossing the floor!

    Dec 2, 2012 - Geoff Seidner. 13 Alston Gr. East St Kilda 3183 ... John Howard, right. ... Labor ''rat'' Senator Mal Colston - or for the parliamentary process.

    I will be writing to the Macquarie – Sue Butler and I are so close: https://www.google.com.au/#q=geoff+seidner+sue+buttler
    She will be so proud of you for having been responsible for so many euphemisms in the egalitarians.
    Please reply to my blog – where this will be posted within seconds,
    Geoff Seidner

    Schmuck (pejorative) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Schmuck or shmuck in American English is a pejorative meaning one who is stupid or foolish; or an obnoxious, contemptible or detestable person. The word ...



    Canticle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    canticle (from the Latin canticulum, a diminutive of canticum, "song") is a hymn, psalm or other song of praise taken from biblical texts other than the Psalms.

    Contact details

    Parliament Office

    PO Box 6100
    Parliament House
    Canberra ACT 2600
    (02) 6277 3054
    (02) 6277 5945


    Just a 'd---head' and 'clown': Senator David Leyonhjelm says

    Oct 22, 2014 - Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm says what the latest IS video ... are dickheads, absolute dickheads," the Liberal Democrat senator ...
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    Aussie jihadi a pawn in ISIS propaganda war, say his family ...

    Oct 23, 2014 - Liberal Democratic Party Senator David Leyonhjelm said ISIS militants ... with are dickheads – absolute dickheads,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

    Clowning around with terror threat puts us at risk

    Oct 23, 2014 - ... mug on the TV news, like Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm. ... participants, headed by Elmir, a bunch of "clowns" and "dickheads".