Thursday, 18 December 2014

Of Senators, Guns and BIG NUMBERS!

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Subject: Of Senators, Guns and BIG NUMBERS!

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  • Senator Leyonhjelm has long argued Australians should be allowed greater access to ..
    Hello Senator Leyonjhelm
    I continue broadly my broadside of December 16.
    I  wonder why, instead of responding to my hurriedly – written email [1] you decided to make your position more untenable.
    Nay, risible. No – even worse – absurd.
    Let me tell you why, Senator.
    Do you see this google  link? [4]
    You see, Senator unspellable – your latest position is impeachable, with your manifest ignorance of  statistics damnable.
    You see Senator you have already been indicted in the media within hours of your asinine  suggestion that citizenry should be armed to obviate the Sydney terror / murder! I wish also to add to your travails herein, Senator L.
    1. Did you ever think that the potential risk of what even the most elemental understanding of LARGE NUMBERS does to you? To wit: even the most elemental appreciation of LN should tell you that weaponry thus being made freely available would result in far greater disasters than could POSSIBLY be even remotely / potentially be saved against the rare terror attacks?
    2. Do you dispute that? You would, would you not? Being silly means never having to say you are sorry!
    3. But there is more – much more, senator DL. Kindly inform how you claim statistical deference for your cause: detail for me how many attacks have been foiled in Texas? Or anywhere else but in Israel perhaps.
    4. But Israel is a statistical anomaly in the most amazing way: guns are everywhere. Far too complex for you and your office manager Helen Darville / Demidenko / Dale. How is the dear lady? [7] I hear she has sworn off anti semitism. But somehow you will not mention Israel – or will you? If you do – you will not admit how wonderfully irrelevant Israel is to your totemic theorem of togetherness with guns.
    5. I would emigrate to the Central African Republic where the child soldiers [yesterday] do not believe that bullets can hurt them. Or you could adapt this selectively? They believe in witchcraft too.
    6. You could compensate for your flaccid policies and your manifest impotence by covering your ineptness with the sheath of social sophistry.
    BY the way – my nephew aged 5 years at the time, found his grandfather’s gun under his grandfather’s bed. Thank goodness his mother disarmed him rapidly! A few weeks later my mother was nearly shot when my father thought there was a burglar disturbance.
    He refused to give up his shotgun until John Howard’s policy forced him!
    I repeat: my earlier email perhaps needs an edit: sadly for you it remains a great parody in spite.
    Geoff Seidner
    1. a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword.
      synonyms: scabbardcase
      "he slid the gleaming sword out of its sheath"
      • a structure in living tissue which closely envelops another.
        "the fatty sheath around nerve fibres"
        synonyms: coveringcovercasecasingenvelopesleevewrapperMore
      • a protective covering around an electric cable.

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