Tuesday, 27 August 2013

3 Grandiose lunacies in 3 days and counting!

Bob Carr was plainly unwilling to proverbially die on air for KR  last night.
– Lateline ABC TV 27/8/13
EMMA ALBERICI: My questions was going to be: why has high-speed rail been so hard to achieve in Australia?

BOB CARR: I think it's because of the population numbers and the population distribution in Australia. We had it looked at between Sydney and Canberra, and between Sydney and Canberra on its own, it was very hard to justify the extent of the public subsidy. Some years have passed since that study, and valuable as it was, it's been overtaken by population growth - Australia's had the highest population growth of any industrial country - and by changing economics.

EMMA ALBERICI: Bob Carr, thanks so much for coming in for us.
BOB CARR: Thank you, Emma. Thank you.
Earlier Carr did humiliate himself with another of Rudd’s astonishing lunacies re the soon to be demised PM’s reprise of Julia’s media claim of Rupert Murdoch being responsible for Labor’s travails":
EMMA ALBERICI: Now there are 12 days to go for to you reverse the trend in the polls. You're particularly aware of what's happening in Sydney. What do you put the poor showing down to, especially in Western Sydney?
BOB CARR: Well first of all I think Labor stabilising, confirmed by the Newspoll today, and then regaining the momentum is going to happen. I think apart from anything else, the public reaction I've experienced when I've been mixing with the voters to this colossal ramshackle parental leave scheme that Tony Abbott, against the opposition of everyone else in his party, has embarked on, has committed to, I think is gaining traction with the electorate. People realise how essentially unfair it is and how you cannot be talking about debt and deficit while signing the country up to a thoroughly uncosted hybrid proposition like this.

EMMA ALBERICI: Well they say it is costed. They say it has been costed by the ...

BOB CARR: Yeah, it's not. I saw Joe Hockey flailing around on Q&A. It was the least convincing performance by a shadow Treasurer I can recall. So first of all, I'm encouraged by the public response to that, to think Labor can regain ground in this week, and then fight hard in the final week of the campaign. I think a big factor in it is the extraordinary media bias we've encountered. I have never seen - and I say this as someone who hasn't complained about the media as a rule, but I've never seen the coordinated - I'd only describe it as the coordinated attacks on any government that I've seen coming from the News Limited tabloids. 70 per cent of the papers in this country are controlled by Rupert Murdoch. And there's no doubt they're being mobilised to vilify the Labor government and in particular its Prime Minister. I mean, everything - every article - I cannot nominate a front page devoted to federal politics in the Courier-Mail or the Daily Telegraph in Sydney that hasn't been there to deride, to treat in a derisory fashion, the Labor Prime Minister of Australia. Or to treat, or treat in an uncritical fashion ...

EMMA ALBERICI: What's the motivation, do you think?

BOB CARR: I don't know enough about the national broadband scheme to tell you the extent to which News Limited would be disadvantaged or whether they'd be disadvantaged at all.

EMMA ALBERICI: So what do you suspect is the motivation?

BOB CARR: I can't answer that question.

EMMA ALBERICI: Could it just be because they don't think the Government's done a good job?

BOB CARR: It might be that they do it because they can do it, but I think that leaves Australians ...

EMMA ALBERICI: But isn't it entirely possible that they believe your government hasn't been a good one?
BOB CARR: It could well be the case. But shouldn't the Australian people, Emma, make that decision, with all the facts before them, without being bullied and bustled in that direction by a coordinated campaign by 70 per cent of the newspapers in the country? On the bottom line, this is about a fair go for the Australian people. Let the Australian people make up their minds themselves. Let them look at newspapers ...
But the latest is a doozy: High speed rail – yesterday.
KO7 continued today with a $5 Billion lunacy re Garden Island! Does Rudd thinks this is a greatest moral / green issue?
Even Julia refused to touch it!
Just how many of these grandiose idiocies can the PM dream up?
Plainly he does not realize that he so humiliates himself that the luvvies will have to call on Julia to challenge KR on the stage when Labor presents it’s denouement next week!

Including the PNG fiasco – that makes at least  3 catastrophes in 3 days – with 10 days to go!
Geoff Seidner
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Labor promises high speed rail

Kevin Rudd has pledged $52m for a study into how to build a high speed rail line, and says the line would be better value than the Coalition's paid parental leave scheme.

Caution needed in considering intervention in Syria

Foreign minister Bob Carr discusses the Syrian crisis and says American caution in taking action is justified.

Friday, 23 August 2013

I have finally worked it out!

 I have finally worked it out!
The below are surely not contested.
This derivative of the so – called ‘Labored Brand’ reasonably represents the worst, most inept government in modern democratic history.
Nolo Contenderer!  Even Whitlam is delighted.
You have to go to Socialist Albania’s state sanctioned Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme in  1997
 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_schemes_in_Albania for anything remotely approaching rational comparison with this mob, their appendants and disparate acolytes of the proletariat.
Pathetically the Ministers, pleibian - comrades and  leftist entities have no clue either other than to support dear leader /s.
Musical chairs is their childish game.
Indeed - Rudd / Gillard / Rudd have played musical chairs with leading the true – believers’ collective minds’.
Plainly they have no options in leadership – one may uselessly speculate whether post election wipe – out whether they will seek to become rational. Indeed whether they will remain  ensconced in their implausibly - inept ways that their remnants will join Geoff Seidner’s PULP Party [ Purged Labor Party]
But there is one matter that has puzzled me.
Why have the Opposition not really attacked Labor policies nor the astonishing things they say, do, fail to do etc. ... ad nausium?
Given that their supporters will surely [astonishingly!] pull more than 35 – 40% of the vote, Tony Abbott and his advisers have plainly decided to try to get some of them  them to vote Liberal!
So The incipient PM has decided to let them get away with a lot of things that my PULP Party will not!
SO – vote PULP.
I offer free membership to anyone who cares to write a didactic daily retrospective resume of their approx.  399,999  disparate disasters and mere catastrophes!
Appreciate that when these lunatics -  the catatonic  cultural warriors repeat asinities almost daily – it gets a new entry.
The Illegal Boats are a classic with 29,999 entries.
This is how we can help history get it right – for our children and our children’s children appreciate that history, whilst written by the winners  - exaggerateth not.
Unforgivable in all the farce is the abandonment of Israel by Bob Carr – and the rest accept it!

Geoff Seidner
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Monday, 12 August 2013

The ultimate analysis of Labor / debates?


I have sat through too many pre - election debates and have always been bemused that even highly - intelligent people have too often assessed the winner by allowing themselves to be conned!
To be clarified in the last few lines of this essay 

......fear abuse from the majority who are plainly twirps? 

What are the  conclusions to be drawn  from the Rudd / Abbott debate?

It is clear to me that essentially  anything is allowed to be said by the arch socialist who once gainlessly claimed to be a social conservative. He was never accosted  for even  that obvious chimera - which was  before his 8000 word moribund, lamentable proletarian  essay which was at best socialist dogma at it's worst. Much like one of Castro's 10 hour speeches! 

Fidel was also impossible to debunk. 

Malcolm Turnbull made a vain brilliant attempt in a 2000 word essay in The Oz - but no one recalls.
Rudd and Swan remain so proud of their lamentable essays in The Monthly. 

Indeed the format of any debate does not allow the censoring of the astonishing range of deliberate distortions - the plaything of the left. And worse - no post - mortem will disseminate the discreditable codswallop espoused by Kevin Rudd last night.

Is anyone going to bother listing the 25 or more deliberate porkies ex the debate?

Of course not. For multiple reasons; the media cycle moves on, it requires too much effort - and seems to be without reward. We are so busy...... So the PM got away with it. The left always get away with all sorts of hokum. It is part of their brilliant internecine snow job method.

I put to the reader that the left cannot win any tangent of any debate where they differ from conservatives.
IF the debate is fair. This is an astonishing statement - seemingly difficult to prove because of the generalities involved.

Try it on even the mildest of the minor lies of KO7. 
Like the million jobs they allegedly created? They have repeated it so many times: they are shameless.

Or the whoppers. Rudd got caught out - like his absurd claim trying to justify disbanding John Howard's illegal immigrants policy - claiming justification via an asinine ''mandate from the people'' idea.

Never mind that Rudd cheated with notes and made silly errors.

Abbott's only apparent fault was about his refusal to debate costings. I will write an essay on this another day.

Note that some of the most intelligent professional commentators  - like Michael Kroger, Chris Kenny and Judith Sloan called it either a non - clear winnner or a draw.
At least Greg Sheridan called Abbott a clear winner.

So here is how conservatives are being conned with adjudicating the winner.

  • The discreditable lies are never allowed into the calculus as lies: they become part of the performance! Not matter how obvious the lies - they become part of the performance / snow - job /  conflagration.
  • Economically rational [the original, non - pejorative definition] unprostituted, uninverted by the illiterate, plainly allow themselves to conned by not being willing to call the lies as lies and significantly mark down the drivel! 
  • Is it possible that some of  these esteemed commentators fear abuse from the majority who are plainly twirps? How many have called it like Greg Sheridan? 
  • Judith Sloan has written some of the most memorable articles destroying the so - called 'Labor brand.' Yet she seemingly forgets it.... not as above? Go figure.
It is as simple as that!
It is time for professional political liars - practicing their wares - to be called as catastrophic losers when the content of their spiel so plainly decimates them.
And another thing: Labor have so comprehensively wrecked everything they touched - that it is surely impossible to come to terms with what was once merely scores of mere catastrophes. 

As they repeat it all ad nauseum - it seemingly impossible to hold them to account.
This annoys me - because how will history account for this mob of mega - incompetents!?

My blog has been trying for a good while.

Anyone has a complete list?

Geoff Seidner
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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rudd and rolled gold - fake gold!!

Kevin Rudd has been using so many ROLLED GOLD PHRASES in his first disastrous term!
Now he has sought to apply it to Peter Beattie as 'ROLLED GOLD LABOR'!

Little do  the ever helpful pair realise that rolled gold is filled with brass!!

Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299

  1. 'Humble' Beattie confirms federal tilt | Illawarra Mercury 


    3 days ago - ... as Labor's star candidate on Thursday afternoon in Forde, Mr Rudd praised the former Queensland premier as "rolled gold Queensland".

rolled gold
(Engineering / Metallurgy) a metal, such as brass, coated with a thin layer of gold, usually of above 9 carat purity. It is used in inexpensive jewellery Also called (US) filled gold

News for I am here to help his name is peter and he is ...

 Sky News Australia

News for his name is peter and he is also here to help

 The Canberra Times


Gold-filled jewelry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


The thinner layer on each side does not wear as well as single clad gold-filled. The Federal Trade Commission allows the use of "Rolled Gold Plate" or "R.G.P"

  1. Rolled Gold Antique Jewelry - What Is Rolled Gold Plate Antique ... 

    antiques.about.com › ... › Victorian and Edwardian 

    What does rolled gold mean in jeweleryRolled gold refers to one of the first, and most successful, imitations of solid gold. Learn the difference between rolled ...

  2. Gold. Solid, Filled, Rolled, Plated? What do they mean? | eBay 

    www.ebay.com.au › Buying Guides 

    If you like antique jewelleryrolled gold and gold filled are well worth considering as they were very popular in the 1800's with a lot of good jewellery ...

  3. What is rolled gold and does it fade? - Yahoo! Answers 

    answers.yahoo.com › ... › Beauty & Style  › Fashion & Accessories 

    Feb 12, 2008 - Gold plate is either a dip or sprayed on which is why it does not last as long as rolled goldRolled gold allows me to make wonderful jewelry for ...

  4. rolled gold - definition of rolled gold by the Free Online Dictionary ... 


    rolled′ gold′ n. a thin layer of gold fused to a base metal, rolled out into sheets from which articles can be cut, esp. jewelry. [1895–1900]. Translations.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Vale idiocies of Climate Lunacies!

From: g87
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 1:36 PM
Subject: I demand merely basic standards of basic stupidity from ABC

Dear Management, ABC
I find it difficult to believe that the ABC is now promulgating the asinine idea that  increased violence results because of of CLIMATE CHANGE!
No figures are quoted – as always.
You ignore the obvious – that there is an absurdly small probability that hot temperatures make people grumpy.
Where would it get you if you tried?
Indeed – axe murderers are driven to vicious aggressive parking infringement and worse..!!!
And the worst – Climate lunacy is alleged to be a mere degree .0001C – or whatever! IT DOES NOT RELATE – and that is generous!!
Reference is made to TWT – 12 55 pm today.
It has to rival all other un - heroic idiocies – like painting the sky via geo engineering!
Do you people have an in – house competition with the most idiotic claptrap to promulgate re Climate Lunacy?
  1. Is that all there is to you luvvies of the left?
  2. Are you not concerned that you plainly parody yourselves?
  3. Is there no disreputable idiocy you will not hunt – down to promote derivations of El Nino / La Nina / Ozone layer / Climate Lunacy?
Your are requested to explain how these ideas find room in your programmes – when any scientiust worth anything would humiliate you?
I pay for you guys – and you regularly deliberately fail on any criteria that any semi – intelligent person understands.
THE CURRENT TWT is a disgrace: Find me proof from anyone who understands the bare elements of logic / clear thinking.
Please ensure my other emails are answered otherwise I will lodge a complaint with the new government – asking them to sell off the ABC!!!
Geoff Seidner


DR GRAHAM PHILLIPS:Our planet's climate is a highly complex, interlocked, self-organising system. It's been under nature's control for aeons. Could we intervene and take over some of the control? Well, advocates of geoengineering believe we could. Geoengineering is the deliberate engineering of the climate to combat some of the effects of climate change. For example, one suggestion is to release a whole lot of sulfate particles into the sky. It's like fighting pollution with pollution. Just as carbon emissions warm things up on Earth, the sulfate particles should cool things down. It sounds completely crazy, but here in London geoengineering has taken on a new credibility. Its ideas have been seriously investigated by no less than the Royal Society. The Royal Society is a collection of some of the world's top scientists. In fact, it's considered a real honour to become a member. The organisation has been going since 1660. This is the famous report.



From: g87
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 9:49 AM
Subject: Research re outrageous Tim Fischer re unpius pope X


  • I received an important  email link [see above link] to a pathetic article in today’s

     The Age by Tim Fischer.

  • Ref the dubious virtues of the late unlamented pope pius X.

  • Various items are enclosed – from current google search [not all agreed with!]

     ...to my own

     works ex my blogs. Most relating to the Catholic Church – and other

  • semi – relevant items.

  • As far as Tim F is concerned – he has form: .....‘’he would say that, would he not?

  • GS

  • Friday, 2 August 2013

    Letter to Mr Leary re BDS

    From: g87
    Sent: Friday, August 02, 2013 11:40 AM
    Subject: Fw: Gutless prrof Spence ...
    Hello Mr Leary,
    Esteemed Driver of the Dean of Sydney University Prof. Michael Spence.
    Thank you for trying to persuade your boss Michael Spence to do the right thing about the illegal BDS!
    Mr Spence is of course gutless – forever changing his mind; the wind proverbially manages to bend him in simultaneously multiple directions! My blog is  a classical example how Mr Spence has multiple positions on matters re Israel.
    See my ‘cognate’ link below relating to the current article in today’s The Australian.
    AS you can see I have sent a copy of this epistle to David Gonski AND Prof. Spence – they should remember that they were warned about legal action by me – and various articles in The Australian a few short months ago.
    I guess they will now change their minds and assure us that some of their friends are Jewish / Israeli?
    May I invite you to follow my various links in the blog below?
    It will make enlightening reading to your children and grandchildren: they will be able to see true courage and cowardice.
    I wish you well, Mr Leary. In case you have Prof. Spence in your car soon – and in case your driver friend of David Gonski has Gonski....
    ....... close to him, tell them the virtues of courage ex Adam Lindsay Gordon:

    Froth & Bubble - The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative ...

    Two things stand like stone, KINDNESS in another's trouble, COURAGE in your own."
    "Life is mostly froth and bubble,

    Two things stand like stone,

    KINDNESS in another's trouble,

    COURAGE in your own."

    The Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee Inc. seek the support of a national Froth and Bubble day held annually on the anniversary of Poet Gordon's death - 24 June.