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The ultimate analysis of Labor / debates?

I have sat through too many pre - election debates and have always been bemused that even highly - intelligent people have too often assessed the winner by allowing themselves to be conned!
To be clarified in the last few lines of this essay 

......fear abuse from the majority who are plainly twirps? 

What are the  conclusions to be drawn  from the Rudd / Abbott debate?

It is clear to me that essentially  anything is allowed to be said by the arch socialist who once gainlessly claimed to be a social conservative. He was never accosted  for even  that obvious chimera - which was  before his 8000 word moribund, lamentable proletarian  essay which was at best socialist dogma at it's worst. Much like one of Castro's 10 hour speeches! 

Fidel was also impossible to debunk. 

Malcolm Turnbull made a vain brilliant attempt in a 2000 word essay in The Oz - but no one recalls.
Rudd and Swan remain so proud of their lamentable essays in The Monthly. 

Indeed the format of any debate does not allow the censoring of the astonishing range of deliberate distortions - the plaything of the left. And worse - no post - mortem will disseminate the discreditable codswallop espoused by Kevin Rudd last night.

Is anyone going to bother listing the 25 or more deliberate porkies ex the debate?

Of course not. For multiple reasons; the media cycle moves on, it requires too much effort - and seems to be without reward. We are so busy...... So the PM got away with it. The left always get away with all sorts of hokum. It is part of their brilliant internecine snow job method.

I put to the reader that the left cannot win any tangent of any debate where they differ from conservatives.
IF the debate is fair. This is an astonishing statement - seemingly difficult to prove because of the generalities involved.

Try it on even the mildest of the minor lies of KO7. 
Like the million jobs they allegedly created? They have repeated it so many times: they are shameless.

Or the whoppers. Rudd got caught out - like his absurd claim trying to justify disbanding John Howard's illegal immigrants policy - claiming justification via an asinine ''mandate from the people'' idea.

Never mind that Rudd cheated with notes and made silly errors.

Abbott's only apparent fault was about his refusal to debate costings. I will write an essay on this another day.

Note that some of the most intelligent professional commentators  - like Michael Kroger, Chris Kenny and Judith Sloan called it either a non - clear winnner or a draw.
At least Greg Sheridan called Abbott a clear winner.

So here is how conservatives are being conned with adjudicating the winner.

  • The discreditable lies are never allowed into the calculus as lies: they become part of the performance! Not matter how obvious the lies - they become part of the performance / snow - job /  conflagration.
  • Economically rational [the original, non - pejorative definition] unprostituted, uninverted by the illiterate, plainly allow themselves to conned by not being willing to call the lies as lies and significantly mark down the drivel! 
  • Is it possible that some of  these esteemed commentators fear abuse from the majority who are plainly twirps? How many have called it like Greg Sheridan? 
  • Judith Sloan has written some of the most memorable articles destroying the so - called 'Labor brand.' Yet she seemingly forgets it.... not as above? Go figure.
It is as simple as that!
It is time for professional political liars - practicing their wares - to be called as catastrophic losers when the content of their spiel so plainly decimates them.
And another thing: Labor have so comprehensively wrecked everything they touched - that it is surely impossible to come to terms with what was once merely scores of mere catastrophes. 

As they repeat it all ad nauseum - it seemingly impossible to hold them to account.
This annoys me - because how will history account for this mob of mega - incompetents!?

My blog has been trying for a good while.

Anyone has a complete list?

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