Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rudd and rolled gold - fake gold!!

Kevin Rudd has been using so many ROLLED GOLD PHRASES in his first disastrous term!
Now he has sought to apply it to Peter Beattie as 'ROLLED GOLD LABOR'!

Little do  the ever helpful pair realise that rolled gold is filled with brass!!

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  1. 'Humble' Beattie confirms federal tilt | Illawarra Mercury

    3 days ago - ... as Labor's star candidate on Thursday afternoon in Forde, Mr Rudd praised the former Queensland premier as "rolled gold Queensland".
rolled gold
(Engineering / Metallurgy) a metal, such as brass, coated with a thin layer of gold, usually of above 9 carat purity. It is used in inexpensive jewellery Also called (US) filled gold

News for I am here to help his name is peter and he is ...

 Sky News Australia

News for his name is peter and he is also here to help

 The Canberra Times

Gold-filled jewelry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The thinner layer on each side does not wear as well as single clad gold-filled. The Federal Trade Commission allows the use of "Rolled Gold Plate" or "R.G.P"

  1. Rolled Gold Antique Jewelry - What Is Rolled Gold Plate Antique ... › ... › Victorian and Edwardian 

    What does rolled gold mean in jeweleryRolled gold refers to one of the first, and most successful, imitations of solid gold. Learn the difference between rolled ...

  2. Gold. Solid, Filled, Rolled, Plated? What do they mean? | eBay › Buying Guides 

    If you like antique jewelleryrolled gold and gold filled are well worth considering as they were very popular in the 1800's with a lot of good jewellery ...

  3. What is rolled gold and does it fade? - Yahoo! Answers › ... › Beauty & Style  › Fashion & Accessories 

    Feb 12, 2008 - Gold plate is either a dip or sprayed on which is why it does not last as long as rolled goldRolled gold allows me to make wonderful jewelry for ...

  4. rolled gold - definition of rolled gold by the Free Online Dictionary ...

    rolled′ gold′ n. a thin layer of gold fused to a base metal, rolled out into sheets from which articles can be cut, esp. jewelry. [1895–1900]. Translations.

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