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TO Jennifer Huppert,

From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3:23 PM

Jennifer Huppert, President
  • Shalom again, Zephania Wachs
    Dear Jennifer Huppert
    Give my regards to Steven; I have not seen him in Mizrachi shul for decades. I got along with him very well.
    That is fine: some of my best friends do not come to shul – or may do so without my knowledge or ‘permission.’
    Others are leftist politicians – not that there is anything much wrong with that either.
    With apologies to the cliche’s author and / leftist politicians and Seinfeld derivative comment.
    I know I could dig up some socialist friends.....
    The above is merely to let my bcc readers know where I come from and who you, Alex Fein and Bracha Rafael are / seem to be...
    I write to you with respect to what seems to me a  feeding frenzy by various people in attacking Rabbis Kluwgant and Telsner.
    I concentrate for now on Rabbi Telsner.
    Note that there is much material on my blogs: and of course no time has been found to post material re the Royal Commission.
    Many of the links below have barely been read by my person.
    Too much has happened too quickly for salient commentary.
    So note please that with all the above as a consideration, that it is your commentary about Rabbi Telsner that has elicited this email which will also be on my my cognate blog within a minute of this email being sent to you.
    You can respond publically on y blog – or to this email; – or not at all if that is your choice.
    Here we go.
    Please appreciate that this may be too cryptic for you.
    I will try to be not so. No gratuitous insult intended.
    If Rabbinic sources hold that homosexual behaviour can be untaught let it be seen as having been values of another era.
    Everything in the world should be so seen. It does not excuse things  – but this link is worth exploring: find something and let us learn! I have no idea what resides here.
    But it may help ....
    The more progressive [gee – I hate that word!] ideas indicate that it is not so.
    I personally think nice Jewish gays should get to know nice Jewish girls / lesbians and lots of problems would be solved.
    What an elegant solution, non? 
    Physically it should work – as my understanding is that the very essence of homosexual being is all in the heads of nice Jewish gays and nice Jewish lesbians.
    WOW! I bet you have not had such an original idea.
    Why not write to ALEPH?

    Aleph Melbourne | Supporting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual ...
    Offers guidance, support and companionship for Jewishgay and bisexual men through social activities, confidential telephone and personal support.
    But there may be problems I concede. Another day, Jennifer.
    So tell me dear Jennifer.
    There are some brutal things in the Torah. Which other religions’ holy books do you want to compare?
    Jews may have in their great books matters material – but there is today nothing in the way all people Jews et al  behave towards gays that would suggest that your comments are fair? Surely Jennifer – Rabbi Telsner’s comment – as erroneous as it may be – is an irrelevancy basis the obvious.
    I notice many articles about how pale faced people want to pretend they are aboriginal.
    That says much about the wonderful world we live in.
    Further, to wit, that it is a wonderful world we live in which gays of all genders and eclectic derivations -  are also proud of who they pride marches et al. Plainly none are prosecuted nor does their lifestyle disadvantage them.
    They enjoy complete freedom no matter how the activists conflate the marriage they want to partake in.
    I do not go there – it is purposeless. Surely.
    But you should note – that there are no logical corrolaries to Rabbi Telsner’s comments: they were harmless in any real – world sense – no matter how YOU AND ACTIVISTS OF THE LEFT attempt to conflate it.
    There are no victims, Jennifer.
    The grounds of schools are not sexual playgrounds [oops] or should not be!There is naturally a heterosexual lifestyle and Jewish values taught.
    Gay children will in reality be au natural disadvantaged by living in a world where 99% are ‘DIFFERENT’ from them.
    NOTE – not 90%!
    This is the way it has to be!!
    AND KINDLY NOTE AGAIN – RABBI T’s sadly conflating gays modus vivendi with sexual abuse is not quite that way
    A generous analysis of even Rafael’s article almost says it.
    I do not see how any potential gay child would be disadvantaged.
    And if they were – it would be in spite of Rabbi Telsner’s comments – and not because of same.
    It is so tempting to compare Judaism with others: but you will think that I am getting away from the subject.
    And I verily tell you – without even that comparison in all realms – your comments are outrageous.
    NO ORTHODOX RABBI WILL STRAY FAR FROM THE VALUES OF RABBI TELSNER: sadly he is victim of you grossly overcooking it all.
    In the end – as even Rafael admits – Rabbi T is essentially doing what comes easily to great men – even those who make errors.
    They do not dump on their father in law!
    it is called mentschlechkeit Jennifer.
    Maybe it was not prudent – but I tell you – if I gave myself more time to edit and add more. It would have been nice to look at this before I pressed the send button.
    Yours Sincerely
    Geoff Seidner
    East StK
    author in the and    too quickly.
    I have cut and pasted links and synopsees of articles in the current

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    Rabbi Is Out Of Line & Out Of Touch With The Community

    16 February 2015
    Much of the evidence presented at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse over the past two weeks has been seriously disturbing, appalling and distressing. One of the lows was the statement made by Rabbi Zvi Telsner, a senior rabbi in the Yeshivah community, that homosexuals can be 'cured'.
    This is repulsive, ignorant and insulting, demonstrating a serious departure from the views of the mainstream Jewish community.
    Rabbi Telsner also linked paedophilia and homosexuality in his testimony. Any such linking is disturbing and indeed toxic. Those comments are poisonous to people of diverse sexual preference, their families and friends.
    The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) signed up to the ‘No To Homophobia’ campaign in 2013, the first and possibly only faith community to do so and we urged our affiliates to do likewise.  26 Jewish community organisations have also signed up to the campaign, including the Australian Union of Jewish students (AUJS), Progressive Judaism Victoria, Jewish Care, Jewish Aid, the Jewish Holocaust Centre and the Jewish Museum. Obviously Rabbi Telsner, whose organisation is not affiliated to JCCV, did not sign up.

    Jewish Groups Act On Abuse Following Royal Commission

    17 February 2015
    THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is spurring stronger child protection policies and practices across Jewish schools, synagogues and community groups, a move welcomed by...

    Rabbi Is Out Of Line & Out Of Touch With The Community

    16 February 2015
    Much of the evidence presented at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse over the past two weeks has been seriously disturbing, appalling and distressing. One of the lows was the...
  • Monday, 16 February 2015

    Shalom again, Zephania Wachs

    From: g87
    Sent: Monday, February 16, 2015 1:24 PM
    Subject: Shalom again, Zephania Wachs

    Shalom again, Zephania Wachs
    Have I got a conspiracy for you!
    It is truly a great one – if at least to the extent that you may not be able to discern where the parody begins and the conspiracy ends.
    Awesome, non?
    Nothing like the denial of the moon landing or derivations of JFK conspiracy – nor from this classicist warehouse:
    And it gets better, Zephania.
    This has a real purpose.
    Herein I proffer my very best legal advice. Free of charge – but invaluable it is thought by my friends.
    Let me tell you about parodies and conspiracy theories. This way you may be able to understand my actual message to you frere et fil.
    Be warned that almost all of this ilk – conspiracy AKA  parody AKA legal advice AKA any hidden messages – are over the top by big margins.
    It is unprecedented to have 4 in one as here.
    This postulate is not purposeless nor implausable – nor requires a reconstruction of realities...
    I know you are still reading this simply to hunt for what you really think wil;l be potentally actionable material herein.
    I dunno – I wrote earlier that I am going to be helpful with defacto legal advice.
    You have been patient. So here it is in some sort of logical sequence.
    I put to you that Rabbi Kluwgant deliberately sent that text message with those possibly arguably poorly chosen words. Or – were these words ‘poorly – chosen?
    He knew that the editor of The Jewish News would not be able to resist the temptation of sending it on to your solicitor – who in turn would not be able to resist the temptation of using it to embarrass Rabbi Kluwgant with a GOTCHA within the Royal Commission.
    It gets better.
    Rabbi Kluwgant knew he would be lacerated in the community – further ensuring there would be a noisy story. Can you better describe what may happen? Surely – even the word ‘lunatic’ is pure genius.
    It is a mere rhetorical flourish – and merely looks actionable. AAH ... it must have seemed like a very good idea to your girl solicitor to attack the Rabbi.
    Who knows – it may still be a cute diversion in future times. But here is the problem Zephania – or merely one problem Zephania.
    Are you and Manny really prepared for what may follow?
    Depending on the unforseen of course.
    Did you really tell the girl – person everything?
    Everything? Really?
    Does she really understand everything?
    You may have noticed that it is likely that the parody / conspiracy / legal advice is at an end.
    But I have a few questions that you may be uncomfortable in answering.
    1. How much of your son’s blog did you feel you could respond to and or deny if you so self – servingly refused to address ANY part or debunk a mere phrase? I notice the comments of the owner of DAAS HATORAH who is on good terms with you. Here was an opportunity Zephania. Surely it was incumbent on you to respond even in a minor way? Surely you realize that your refusal indicts you?
    3. And of course – this refusal has been over many, many months! Every day it looses you pair significant credibility to not respond to anything therein and ALL ELSEWHERE!
    4. And my own humble blogs as well. this email will be on my blog within a minute: you may care / deign to respond on my blog or via this email?
    5. OH_ when did you create this CHABAD – BASED EMAIL INCORPORATING 770?
    6. Manny’s son was sent to Yeshivah 5 years ago! HUH? How terrible a place.....
    7. What happened since the last 5 years to elicit a change???
    8. I hope Rabbi Glick sues you: your apology may mean far less than the genuine apology and change of culture as per Rabbi Smukler’s evidence at the denouement of the Royal Commission.
    I do not think that this email should continue with more or a didactic analysis – which I really do not intend to be genuine legal advice to you or Manny.
    It is not seriously expected that the girl person would allow me to give you advice anyway.
    But I tell you Zephania – may Hashem not test you with real tragedies like what happened to my wife and myself.
    May you never know to be really tested as to the basic elements of style and mentschlechkeit!
    You should carefully consider what you have done: and surely be ashamed of yourself / yourselves.
    Geoff Seidner
    From: g87
    Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2015 10:38 AM
    Subject: Shalom Zephania Wachs
    Shalom Zephania Wachs
    I note that you and your son Manny made a series of grave errors in primarily, initially not informing your lawyer Melinda Richards that it really  is / was / would not be /  good idea to put the matters of the AJN text messages into play.
    You people should have informed SC Richards what is / WAS really going on within your family. Perhaps the dear lady would not have thought it was such ‘a good idea at the time.’
    But that is not for me to speculate: all the frolics the dear lady went on in over – cooking matters is a matter of public record. It is indeed not possible to contemplate whether she would have mentioned Rabbi Kluwgant’s text messages.
    Maybe Rabbi Kluwgant was not at his best with his choice of words. It matters not. They are not actionable by you no matter how you ot Manny spin it.
    Sadly for you – it was a dramatic own – goal.
    Sadly the dear lady was badly off – side: end of my sporting analogies. I have problems with the offside rule: it is about as silly as some people.
    I am saddened that you have not objected to any of my writings – it is the minimalist modus that should have been done.
    Instead you shut down matters as below
    No time for more: however I hope to give your solicitors or yourself legal advise if you want it.
    Kol tov
    Geoff Seidner
    Hey Zephania: note your multiple excuses for not commenting:
    ‘’...not serve any useful purpose to publicly reply and discuss the accusations’’
    Tell me Zephania – why not respond or try to deny any or all of the comments of your own flesh and blood?
    Are you not aware of the humbug also of your asinine, multi – repeated classisist demonising of ‘bloggers’?
    Are you not understanding that the very idea is risible if it was not so pathetic?

    Tuesday, 11 December 2012

    WAKS: what did he not know – and when did he not know it?

    From: g87
    Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 10:47 AM
    Subject: WAKS: what did he not know – and when did he not know it?
    WAKS: what did he not know – and when did he
     not know it?
    Re The Australian Council 'downplaying Yeshiva abuse scandal' 
    It is a bit rich for Manny Waks to claim cover ups existed at the
     ECAJ before and after his term/ s as Vice President.
    The eternal inverted question is what did he not know – and
     when did he not know it?
    But let us say for the sake of over – generosity that this is so: 
    that he became aware of all the multifarious cover ups at all
     levels of seemingly all Jewish organizations. All over Australia. 
    And decided to spill it all only now.
    It is understood he was a victim himself years before, becoming
     a very voluble advocate of his inarguably meritorious cause of 
    uncovering sexual abuse of children.
    There have indeed been attempts at cover – ups. Sadly, it was
     the reaction in earlier times to dealing with the problem!
    The Church dwarfing the Jewish community thousands – fold. 
    Not that it ameliorates anything!
    So my questions herein continue:
    1. How successful has anyone been in silencing him? Is this not absurd?
    2. Why did he wait so long with these latest accusations /revelations?
    3. If there was a cover up it would surely not come from the ECAJ! This is just common sense. 
    4. It requires no great hypothesis.
    5. Is this not an absurd proposition to suggest that this professional media person has been   
    6.  silenced?
    7. Furthermore – why does he feel obliged to exaggerate?
    8. He plainly discredits himself – he should not so taint his cause.
    Geoff Seidner
    13 Alston Grove
    East St Kilda 3183
    03 9525 9299