Friday, 23 August 2013

I have finally worked it out!

 I have finally worked it out!
The below are surely not contested.
This derivative of the so – called ‘Labored Brand’ reasonably represents the worst, most inept government in modern democratic history.
Nolo Contenderer!  Even Whitlam is delighted.
You have to go to Socialist Albania’s state sanctioned Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme in  1997 for anything remotely approaching rational comparison with this mob, their appendants and disparate acolytes of the proletariat.
Pathetically the Ministers, pleibian - comrades and  leftist entities have no clue either other than to support dear leader /s.
Musical chairs is their childish game.
Indeed - Rudd / Gillard / Rudd have played musical chairs with leading the true – believers’ collective minds’.
Plainly they have no options in leadership – one may uselessly speculate whether post election wipe – out whether they will seek to become rational. Indeed whether they will remain  ensconced in their implausibly - inept ways that their remnants will join Geoff Seidner’s PULP Party [ Purged Labor Party]
But there is one matter that has puzzled me.
Why have the Opposition not really attacked Labor policies nor the astonishing things they say, do, fail to do etc. ... ad nausium?
Given that their supporters will surely [astonishingly!] pull more than 35 – 40% of the vote, Tony Abbott and his advisers have plainly decided to try to get some of them  them to vote Liberal!
So The incipient PM has decided to let them get away with a lot of things that my PULP Party will not!
SO – vote PULP.
I offer free membership to anyone who cares to write a didactic daily retrospective resume of their approx.  399,999  disparate disasters and mere catastrophes!
Appreciate that when these lunatics -  the catatonic  cultural warriors repeat asinities almost daily – it gets a new entry.
The Illegal Boats are a classic with 29,999 entries.
This is how we can help history get it right – for our children and our children’s children appreciate that history, whilst written by the winners  - exaggerateth not.
Unforgivable in all the farce is the abandonment of Israel by Bob Carr – and the rest accept it!

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