Friday, 29 December 2017

LOOK AT THESE LINKS and see how the left can attack anything brilliant.
And worse... it is a never ending effort to debunk their professional spin.
I write this overview of the articles written by the great Jacinta Nampijana Price: see below links from my cognate blog.

▼  December (3)


Look carefully at either of Ms Price's articles. Espec the recent one dated 26 Dec.
 Contemplate she is not only 100% correct... not only unanswerable... but has ventured into many areas the left will loathe her for: eg the item on HUNTER GATHERERS....
So it finally elicited a response fro Prof Altman... which vitiates any elements by the said professor to respond rationally, logically and cogently!

So I have decided to write to the professor asking him to respond.
See next blog next week.
Geoff Seidner


by E Klein
Jul 29, 2017 - Dr Elise Klein. University of Melbourne. Introduction. 1. I make this submission drawing on over fifteen years experience working on development issues in Australia and internationally. As a Lecturer of Development. Studies at the University of Melbourne, I lead a research project into the Cashless Debit.

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