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A modern trichotomy: Stupidity, willful ignorance or merely evil

A modern trichotomy: Stupidity, willful ignorance or merely evil.

Years ago we took the commentariat - those 'popularly' decimating Israel -  as stupid.

Soon we realized that they were willfully ignorant.

Now we have reluctantly come to the realization that there is evil all around.

Tragically there are new standards of anti semitism extant and the fear that we are living in dangerous times is reinforced daily.

It is so obvious even in so - called mainstream entities who have now gone so far in their hatred of the Jewish state that even when the truth is finally, undeniably in their ken, they within hours feign dementia. Or are they demented in their veciforous hatred of Israel?
Choose your nomenclature - it matters not much.

What is perhaps the most damning of the modern - day incantations of Jew Hatred is that there are dozens drawn to our attention weekly. Pathetically this is so without even looking for same.
It is in the news headlines.
The radio news grab.
Op - eds in mainstream newspapers.
On - air commentators.

Even those who are reasonably balanced have fallen for the traps set by manipulators - in that they freely discuss the issue of    'Israel's right to exist!' 

Or they forget to decry the childish chicken / egg derivative: '
'There is violence on both sides'

Or they conflate issues by suggesting a valid QPQ exists via the so - called settlements and years - long internicine murder of Jewish children! 
It has been years since I heard the PLO crie de murder that ''they grow up to be soldiers''!

So I am herein deciding to write about merely one of thousands.
Thousands of examples can be found. Merely one will do.
Perhaps this way the reader can see how apparently hopeless is the job of turning things around.

Attention is drawn to the presenter of ABC TV's Emma Alberichi's comment on ABC TV's Lateline on 23/7**** see below.

You have to take this woman's pathetic comment in these contexts.

  1. Taking Ali Kazak's outrageous comments to confront his interviewe Martyn Indikt with is not credible, basis her own uncovering of basic, very basic information re Hamas and the human shields!
  2. Emma A is a travesty to the journalist profession because she sought a quote from that arch manipulator Kazak and obviously not from the same page on the Australian! By AIJAC's Glen Fakenstein.
  3. Indeed the scenario of comparative potential quotes is also not of great import - partly because it never was - and partly because Kazak is a liar extraordinaire. And a proven liar extraordinaire. And  EMMA A must have known all of this.  And if not - how so???
  4. Oh! Another thing. The ABC had irrefutable proof of Hamas raison d'etre - see PM 21/7! Oh Emma!ABC PM 21/7 RELUCTANT PROOF TO ABC !
  5. Irrespective - this proof lasted mere seconds - if you read the complete transcript of PM programme; wherein by the end they say: 

''And these people were already refugees from

 1948 and 1967. ''ABC PM 21/7 RELUCTANT PROOF TO ABC !

Geoff Seidner

NOTIME FOR PROLIX ANALYSIS  - or even any analysis of top 2 items

EMMA ALBERICI: Now you mentioned earlier in this interview that the Hamas headquarters was presumed to be under a hospital with the attendant warning that those patients should leave. Who knows where those patients would go in that situation? But, I was curious to read today that a former Palestinian diplomat, Ali Kazak, writing in The Australian newspaper, challenges Israel's claim that the Palestinian resistance stores weapons in houses, mosques, hospitals and schools. He says that's a lie to justify the Israeli Defence Force's targeting and collectively punishing the civilian population. Is there any way to know who's right?

Is there evidence that Hamas is essentially using women and children as human shields in the way that's been accused?

HAYDEN COOPER: It is the claim that's repeated over and over by the Israeli prime minister. 

I guess that is one of the most concrete examples in

 which 20 rockets were found in a school, which is

 now being used as a UN refugee centre. 

And the UN itself seems quite shocked by this. They 

didn't know it was happening until they went and

 found them. And that caused a lot of controversy

 over here. 

Prime minister Netanyahu is going to repeat that

 claim. That's his defence to the number of civilians

which have been killed so far. 

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