Monday, 12 January 2015

AMAZING: I was on air on 3AW's SUNDAY MORNING....

I was on air on 3AW's 'SUNDAY MORNING' programme. 11 45 am....Jan. 11, 2015

See link hereunder to find the Jan 11date.

I was on air for perhaps 2 minutes commencing at the 70 min stage.
It may be advantageous to hear what happened, say 20 mins. earlier to properly appreciate matters.
My contribution to the programme was simply astonishing: the second time in a few weeks.
Subject matter: McCallum's appeasement of Islam!
See also similar performance on Dec 21 last year
Link immediately below:

My 'humble' efforts on both dates had at least 2 things in common:
  1. Both performances were simply best describable as outrageous, justified critiques of soft - left host Nick McCallum.
  2. Both managed to make the esteemed John Michael Howson laugh at McCallum's Seidner - created plight.
I do not think poor N MC will ever learn.
We do not invite each other to parties....

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