Friday, 20 March 2015


From: g87
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 12:10 PM
Subject: DEAR ATILLA BRUNGS... Oh – I tried to hide my rational bias – and failed dismally

Michelle Callen
Executive Manager
Dear Michelle
I refer to you being the designated contact for Vice Chancellor Atilla Brungs, University Of Technology, Sydney.
I notice that Atilla is a Rhodes Scholar.
Kindly advise how one can reconcile his letter to the editor of The Australian today.
The last three of paragraphs – especially the last two – are surely irreconcilable.
I have seen much written on this. You seem determined to add your name contra to the vast majority of Universities who are against this policy – which you have lauded via your second last paragraph and vitiated in your second and third one!
Is it possible your Technical School caters for those who want access to tertiary education having ne’er enough neurons?
And simultaneously thinking they have?
Tell me if I am wrong Professor: in the current proposal of Christopher Pyne – would a poor budding Einstein – or a mere derivative – would he / she / they not have an allowance made to attend?
Are you simply a contrarian attacking and defending an idea simultaneously?
I do not have the need to read the policy – but it is enough for me to contemplate how it is possible for someone to guarantee a spot in the letters column – other than a political one?
Are you serious?
I read your talents per above and wonder about academics with ‘brains to burn’ who will be decimated the next day.
Do you intend to respond to the inevitable said decimation in the day or day to come in The Australian?
Or are you going to join the waffle from your proletarian mates who never admit to being dead wrong.
Oh – I tried to hide my rational bias – and failed dismally.
Tell me please did your work at CSIRO include monitoring the thousands studying climate lunacy?
Now I have done it – no chance of a reply!
Kind Regards
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda 3183
Professor Brungs has been a researcher in both industry and academia, with interests in the area of heterogeneous catalysis. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at UTS in September 2009, Professor Brungs was General Manager, Science Investment, Strategy and Performance at CSIRO. His role incorporated the determination of broad research direction and resource allocation, performance monitoring of CSIRO research programs including its flagship programs, and the development and implementation of organisational strategy.
Before joining CSIRO in 2002 Professor Brungs was a senior manager at McKinsey and Co, managing teams in North America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. He has also been on the board of a number of entities including not-for-profit organisations such as Greening Australia NSW.
Professor Brungs is a Rhodes Scholar, with a Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from Oxford University, and recipient of the University Medal in Industrial Chemistry from UNSW.

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