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  1. They started with the proposed boycotting of Jewish businesses.  with Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, speaking at a rally in favour of the boycott of Jewish-owned shops. Berlin, Germany, April 1, 1933
  2. Then the Nuremberg laws stripped Jews of their citizenship in 1935.
  3. Yet the wearing of the yellow star was not implemented even with Kristallnacht  1938.
How far has Jew hatred progressed beyond the boycott stage? Who can tell – one needs to look back a few years: now anti – semitism is plainly deemed  a credible concept in the lecture rooms of Universities.
Worse; the analogy with the Nazis is appropriate if only because these professional hate – merchants use salami tactics. We are not inclined to notice how they have advanced in their venomous hatred of the Middle – East’s only democracy. And Jews.
Contemplate how this evil has gone beyond their earlier charade that ‘’Zionism is racism’’.
Vale this wonderful country of Australia if this hate progresses.
Given that a mere few weeks ago the boycott – ‘brigadeers’ refused to allow retired army colonel to speak at Sydney University, how dare they claim the censorship moniker?
The BDS brigade dare suggest that Jews allow the current incantation of Jew hatred to be allowed  a forum at Limud – Oz Festival of Jewish ideas!
The gall of these people is astounding. As is the use of the freedom of speech chimera.
Look at their language in Jewish community ‘censors its own on BDS’ The Australian 5/5
Their verbiage is manifestly a shameless abuse, inversion and chutzpah of obscene dimensions.
‘’Respectful exchange of ideas..... censorship and making some people pariahs.... most basic principles of free society and free speech...outrage...BDS is not antisemitic... it is a peaceful global  movement.. non – violent pressure on the Israeli government... treatment of Palestinians.’’
Oh – and philosopher Peter Slezak dares to use the ‘’never – again’’ slime!
He must be justified because the writer gave him cover thus:
‘’Professor Slezak, who lost family members in the Holocaust...’’
May these mavens of madness renounce their Judaism formally: Yimach Shemo!

Yimakh shemo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(Literally) 'May his name and memory be blotted out!' Used after an individual's name, as in Haman yimach shemo! zichrono livrocho, plural, zichronom livrocho.
‘’Professor Slezak said BDS was a peaceful, global movement that sought to apply non-violent pressure on the Israeli government over its treatment of Palestinians.
He said the oft-quoted lesson of the Holocaust, “never again”, applied not just to Jews but to anyone who might be oppressed, including Palestinians.’’

It is important that these people are recognized as promoting the great nefarious fraud which has now officially compared Israel with the Nazi murder of 6 million of my people. 
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Salami tactics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Salami tactics, also known as the salami-slice strategy, is a divide and conquer ... leader Mátyás Rákosi to describe the actions of the Hungarian Communist Party. ...First, there was the Reichstag fire of February 27, 1933, which rattled the ...

Boycott of Jewish Businesses

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, speaks at a rally in favor of the boycott of Jewish-owned shops. Berlin, Germany, April 1, 1933. — National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Md.

Anti-Israel protesters run riot at Sydney uni | The Australian ...

Mar 15, 2015 - A LECTURE by retired army colonel Richard Kemp at the University of Sydney was disrupted by at least a dozen screaming students who ...

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