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The ultimate in Jew Hatred is not the obscenities

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Subject: The ultimate in Jew Hatred is not the obscenities

The ultimate in Jew Hatred is not the obscenities
The ultimate in Jew Hatred is not the obscenities by a Brisbane financial adviser. Too vulgar to reproduce.
It is not the ‘’tinkering / central – planning’’ Jew insult to the Frydenberg who is manifestly the antithesis of both monikers.
It is not the horrific intention of using Frydenberg as a  ‘’punchbag’’  – nor the classical chimera / justification of the freedom of speech / ‘rights’.
Surely derivated from the classical Samuel Johnson patriotism / scoundrel quote of earlier times.
It is plainly also not about the self – serving rapacious commissions of 120% reduced by Josh F to 20% the financial entity tries to protect!
It is not even the pathetic irony of this person having worked most of his life as ‘’investment analyst  for Goldman Sachs.’’
No – it is the sheer humbug of simultaneously accusing the Assistant Treasurer of being a ‘’Deregulating Regulator Regulating’’ AND trying to ‘’regulate insurance salaries’’!
Surely Jew hatred knows no limits.
In a mere few words he catastrophically denounces himself as non – credible.
But there is much more: this strange entity is proud in ‘’standing by his comments’’!
Ensuring that readers appreciate that he claims it is his right to hate – irrationally. Indeed hate is generally irrational: as the BDS people have demonstrated in this classical justification of Jew hatred from BDS entity; Professor Nathan Rees:
‘’On 15/5/13 Professor S Rees of Sydney University thought the signing [by Julia Gillard]by more than 40 Parliamentarians of The
London Declaration against anti semitism was ‘’childish, thoughtless but easily populist.’’
’Professor Rees dismissed their action in emails obtained by The Australian as "childish, thoughtless, but easily populist".
‘’ First course of action was to regulate insurance salaries. Tinkering Jew,” Mr Howarth tweeted to his 5855 followers.
“Slap stick comedy Jew Frydenberg stars in Deregulating Regulator Regulating,” another tweet read.
Another says: “Get your Josh Frydenberg ‘Central Planning Jew’ punching bag ...”

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