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herein - I wish to formalize herein my complaint against The Australian and the Press Council.

From: g87
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 12:03 PM
Subject: FORMAL INVESTIGATIVE REQUEST TO Tim Wilson Human Rights Commission



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Tim Wilson, Human rights Commissioner and


c/ Human Rights Commission
Dear Shykira
Thank you for helpful conversation this morning.
  • I wish to formalize herein my complaint against The Australian and the Press Council. Thank you for not forcing me to do this through your on – line processes – it would have made it more difficult for everyone.
  • I also expect to proffer my thoughts on the major issue running in the media – the Racial Discrimination Act / RDA / reg 18c. As stated in an earlier email, it is very likely that my SHORTHAND proposal will suit all parties.
All of my complaints are on my blog. As indeed is the effectively cryptic alleged solution to the 18C.
You are kindly requested to look at earlier posts / links on my main blog Socialist Dystopia.
The Australian – in collusion / through The Press Council has written to me claiming that it is acceptable to depict the Prime Minister Of Australia as being strangled by a STAR OF DAVID AKA THE JEWISH LOBBY. The Australian refused to communicate with me at any time, by the way.
My communication with the Press Council was extensive. I even had to write to Walt Disney at his university address to get what is mere attention! Julian Disney decided that morality could not win out: what a disgrace of a man!
Three times they claimed that the Australian was fair in what they did.
TWICE I forced them to discredit themselves by forcing them to reconsider because of prolix garbage they thought they could get away with.
Pathetically – in the end the implied debt they owed to The Oz vitiated any moral finding: the entire correspondences – most of them remain UNINDEXED on my blog – must be sent to you to enable you to make a correct adjudication.
It is just a matter of time before I can index them all: in the interim the Press Council should be forced to send the entire correspondences to you. Oh – and The Oz too – if merely to confirm that other than immediately taking down the cartoon – they refused to communicate with anyone from mainstream Jewish bodies – or my person of course!
This in itself is guilt writ large.
I asked the Australian to apologise to our Jewish community for the behaviour of their in - house anti Israel warrior / anti semite John
I wrote even to Rupert Murdoch – to no avail. See merely some of the links below: they will lead to other matters over the years – the
Australian to insult us has made many outrageous defence attempts of the indefensible.
Kindly note that the current matter evolves around the editorial published on Saturday In The Oz. The sheer stupidity of the article is of little concern to me: I could write a thesis on the imbecility of it al in arguing their issue de jour re the 18C But look at the ‘huge’ anti – semitism explicit here!
’’You blame Jews as being responsible for the violence of violent criminals!
   How can any responsible newspaper's editorial writer insist that racist violence against Jews need to have their [alleged] 'reason' ''open to debate and the airing of grievances, to allow them to be dealt with by rational, sensible argument''?
  This obscene tangent states that Jews are guilty of having this violence bought on themselves by plainly no more than walking the streets of Sydney at night.
  Understand that this theme was mentioned some time ago in your paper but never under your masthead! Eternal shame on you people.’’
Oh by the way – look at what The Oz published as their lead letter today!
Just to put me in my place!!
18c ... not an issue at all, essentially.
As I have opined – I have a solution which when properly rewritten, all parties from Andrew Bolt  to the so called multi – cultural lobby, to Tim Wilson – and dare I say it – The Oz editor – will all find an excellent solution. Look at this criptic version – which reall;y does not matter – except that intelligent appraisal will satisfy as being a rare beautiful solution.
I look forward to being able to formally put it in your hands another day.
Of interest to me:

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