Monday, 26 May 2014

Corollaries and Jon Faine

From: g87
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2014 12:03 PM
Subject: Corollaries and Jon Faine

Hello Jon Faine
I note with some minor disappointment that you did not deem important to favour me with a response to my hurriedly – written email of 23/5.
Since then many people have held you to account for your behaviour re  the infamous ‘winking – Abbott’ chimera.
My question below – per my email to you extends the questions Andrew Bolt has on his blog:
And it also extends the comments on CH 10’s The Bolt Report on Sunday, when Andrew’s guest Rowan Dean asked the unanswerable. This has been also so cruelly appended by the evil empire at The Australian Cut And Paste  26/5.
All remain unanswerable.
But here I reiterate merely part of my question to you – part of my blog entry: – repeated again. Help me to understand the annals of your mind.
Tell me Jon – what happened between 8 35 am and 8 55 am?
You sounded almost  reasonable early on – merely to lacerate the PM within minutes by calling him a liar! Please explain how such a moderate, careful, considered person who has legal training – could become so .... inconsistent...??.... in such a narrow time span? Again – what happened Jon?
Did you get a threatening tweet from the twits at twiterati – world?
Did the hyphen  threaten you?
You could get the police in Jon – just like those climate scientists did a couple of years ago about their death – threats to climate scientists at ANU. I am sure you could persuade the police to reinvestigate the CC fraud / threat – and along the way encourage the Hyphenated Senator to behave herself?
Look what Google has dug up, Jon: think how much more I could find.
Think of how many of these I could dig up and ensure there is a permanent record of you?
So defend and /  attack, Jon.
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    I do not wish to recapitulate from the above sources – including my hurriedly – written earlier  email. [ which has found it’s way to my blog as you will appreciate.] i invite you to read it – remember that the police refused to investigate fraud made up by your buddies who waste taxpayers funds instead of doing something useful like inventing perpetual energy.
    No wonder Universities are in trouble!

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    Cold Fusion Is Hot Again - CBS News !!!!

    This email is also being posted on my blog virtually as soon as Isend it to you: my readers await a reply so we can understand you better. Aah – the wonders of being held to accound via technology....
    I have always wanted to understand the left better – some unkindly insist that the proletariat are indubitably wrong on everything they espouse. this seems unkind.
    Please help me to see your side of things. I beseech you – take this opportunity to show you and the comrades can be correct in any fair debate where words and corollaries count.
    I do recommend you get a link to the ‘Bolt – Rowan Dean’ conversation from the Bolt Report.
    Kindest Regards
    Geoff Seidner
    From: g87
    Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 4:07 PM
    Subject: Jon Faine I hold you to account
    Hello Jon Faine
    I frequently listen to your programme and have grown adept at ignoring all but your most outrageous anti conservative bias.
    Sure, you have regular guests from the centre right – but sadly they are mere masks and chimeras -  a guise to hide the real YOU - o you will be able to claim the obvious. that is the way of you people...
    You see Jon – sometimes, regularly come to think of it – you slip up.
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