Thursday, 6 February 2014

Eleven Classical ABC INEXCUSABLE Biases


I write this in shorthand; no time for more

  1. YESTERDAY: MY BLOGS: ABC CHIEF Mark Scott has to resign
  2. Mark Scott was worse this morning  am 774 @ 9 .010 am - 9 30 am  with Jon Faine! I dunno how he managed it!
  3. The ABC thinks that by allowing critics on - air to confront Scott - they have done their job. How about not who gets on - but how they manipulate the format  in insuring Scott could waffle meaninglessly without being pulled up by fellow traveller Faine?
  4. Since when was the video - any video -  prima facie proof? About as idiotic as they were with Castalyst!! RETRACTION DEMAND: ABC ARE NOW INTO MEGA CHARLATAN...
  5. Their policy claimed to elicit unbiased reporting via the idiotic 'balance over time' - is outrageous; it seems an uncritical review of Islamic mass - murder is offset via singing the Israeli National anthem at the end! 
  6. They deliberately manufacture news by interviewing Climate lunatic professors uncritically. Always uncritically!! How about anyone doubting this? Say Prof Steffan, Karoly et al?
  7. Ditto. But they do this to debunk articles in The Oz OH - THEY DO SOMETIMES REFER TO THE OZ - BUT IN A DESULTORY WAY  Contrast with #6? Is this bias??
  8. Some items like alleged death threats against Climate scientists a year or so ago were never admitted to be were frauds.The police refused to investigate them! I KNOW!! Gillard covered up...
  9. How about the humiliations when their attempt to manipulate the guest THEY thought would be compliant backfires? They keep trying on air - plainly unaware that someone is watching and listening. Ask Lateline hosts Emma A and Tony Jones: I have many files on this: anyone debate the issue?
  10. Oh and today they refused to report ANYTHING...  till afternoon the ultimate humiliations in the Oz: See below! then of course they ignored 2 out of 3 because it humiliated Mark Scott!
  11. Anyone who challenges anything is given the run - around! Anyone wants to challenge that they blamed Israel for the 6 day war on the 40th anniv? And they accused Israel for invading Idi Amin's sanctum in Entebbe. And that is the only rhetorical line here - believe it! [ except for second part of #5 re Entebbe!]
The list is potentially endless!

Geoff Seidner

Gas prices force coal switch

QUEENSLAND'S largest power generator will today declare that Australia is one of the world's most expensive countries for energy.
Redundancy double what SPC says

THE vast majority of workers at SPC Ardmona are entitled to lucrative redundancy payouts of up to two years' wages, their union has confirmed.
'Axe Asia network, stream ABC24'

MALCOLM Turnbull believes the government could simply stream the ABC's 24-hour news 

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