Wednesday, 26 February 2014

An ode of odium to Steven Conroy

What? No detritus?
An ode of odium to Steven Conroy
I refer the reader to The Australian  page one today.
This low – life of a man, this labored fool – this unreconstructed, unforgivable humbug – has done it again.
Having hatched the most expensive financial catastrophe in the form of the NBN, he is now pretending that this rape of our finances was justified!

He who  – messed up media that even the lunatic Greens vitiated -  this nincompoop does not even try to keep low. What a target for derision he is becoming again! Failing in every standard of governance does not discourage C – 6 years he has promoted a parody that I understand will be used by universities as a case study of how not to govern.
The New Minister Turnbull in charge of coping with the NBN has been very generous to this imbecile: largely ignoring the twirp. But now the material that is coming out goes and accurately delineates the personality of this incomparable neurotic incompetent.
This conman Conroy has finally been caught out on his multiple chimeras; anyone with the barest elements of acquity can see him for all his vainglorious ‘moronity’. That is a word is it not? Better than 'futures', non?
Conroy and the ABC for years conjoured people like Paul Budda to spruik the mega – expensive project.
They both have much to answer.
There are so many grossly incompetent people in Labor 2017 – 13.
How to rate them?
Here goes.
  1. K Rudd
  2. J Gillard
  3. W Swan
  4. S Conroy
  5. A Albenese
  6. Emmerson
  7. W Shorten
  8. Plibersek
  9. Peter Garrett
  10. The rest of Cabinet!
What a race to the nether world! Note how I avoid the pathetic leftist phrase race to the bottom!
What a race for historians to regard as The Chief Twirp!
Perhaps I must concede a personal failure: all is a futility of futilities: all Labor  have COLLECTIVE responsibility for all they have done and failed to do – nay – even failure to see all the unforseen / inevitable consequences in forming the most incompetent government in modern history. Whitlam looks good by comparison.
They are trying to find catacombs – and are too stupid to realize they open themselves to perusal with the election in 2.5 years or so.
Yet the socialist dystopia will forever remain their nomenclature: NOLO CONTENDERER!
Their ultimate indictment is that no one stood up in despair to tell dear leaders that they were mad! Their multifarious mendacious spin still continues!
Everything – yes – Everything was laden with the leaden blunderbus of the professionally useful idiots term of Lenin.
I guess Vladimir had no idea that his classical  put – down of the academics et al would eventually be completely  inadequate.
Take a decko at the hundreds of websites – or my own blogs. No contest, surely?
The only regret is that they can never be accountable.
But Conroy gets this serve from me  because he is such a foul – mouthed unconscionably bad  pathetic person.
Geoff Seidner
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