Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A letter to Rupert Murdoch and Editor In Chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell.

From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:33 AM
Subject: A letter to Rupert Murdoch and Editor In Chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell.

A letter to Rupert Murdoch and Editor In Chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell.

It is obvious that your answer to my previous 3 days*** entries in my blogs can be understood via the publication in The Australian of

  1. A single letter with Israel - Nazi corollary.
  2. An article by the lamentable Bob Carr.

Understand this: eventually someone with courage and / or real influence will understand what you have done: how utterly lacking in morality it all is.

Oh, I know: your letters editor has crafted his decision to publish the sole letter carefully. He is is indeed quoting an ''Israeli peace activist..'' Normally you would have published other letters supporting the only moral arena - Israel. Not today - you were sending me a message: shame!

So I guess quoting a self - hating Jew makes it 'alright.'
Better still look how the editor has via this strategy  effectively, indubitably designated the Israelis as Nazis!

This is the ultimate obscenity!

Further note re your publication of this letter 'Desperate children' by a Balmain basket weaver.
It is an outrage for you to dare to use  'sickest' material from within the 4 Corners documentary.
It is desperate proof of your pathetic lame defense of same! There are so many 'sicko' comments you could have used!
But your fallback was accusing Israeli system of justice of Nazi behaviour. Shame: in the memory of the 6 million of my people - I SAY SHAME ON YOU AND ALL WHO WHO ARE BLESSED WITH THE ABILITY TO / AND ARE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HEREIN AND DO NOT UNRESERVEDLY APOLOGIZE!!

It strikes me as pathetic that you would use the arguably most contentious quote - much the same as the constructor of the miserable programme did - to simultaneously, effectively  defend yourselves at The Australian.

Check mate?

Or do you hope that there is no one out there who will hold you to task.

You may be right.
In this modern world maybe no one can be bothered.
Maybe in this world the Watergate fraud would not have been discovered.

One more thing.
I will not get around to the professional rubbish extant in Carr's anti - semitic diatribe.

I will if I live long enough write a thesis or a book on the tactics that professional media spinners like Carr use.

Or the tactics that editors use to cover their backsides.
The below may be relevant?

It is with no optimism that you people will realize your errors.

Why - you played the same sick game with the cartoon depicting Julia Gillard as being strangled by the Jewish Lobby - January 2013.

A few links....I have no time to properly index!

Yours maybe gainlessly,

Geoff Seidner

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