Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Australian should have apologized by now

From: g87
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:37 AM
Subject: The Australian should have apologized by now

The Australian should have apologized by now for it's outrageous now much discredited, biased attack on Israel.
Instead they try to vindicate the untenable via trying to defend the indefensible: NOTE THIS [VERY TOP] FRONT PAGE BANNER BY THE AUSTRALIAN TODAY - 20/2/14, AS MAJOR HEADLINE OF NEWS DE JOUR:


Shame upon shame - The Oz is a disgrace! How is a deliberate shibboleth worthy of this treatment?
Are they serious in implying ''crimes against humanity'' and ‘’International Criminal Court’’ action? I will be able to mount a defence without trying! It will never get to court simply because the multiple lies would not stand up to even elemental scrutiny.

Just how many times does the IDF have to debunk and eviscerate this ABC / The Australian scam?

Critical analysis seems not to matter anymore: all you have to do is repeat lies and deliberate distortions often enough, ignore the truth - voila! You get away with it because people tend to believe what appear to be genuine quotes.
It is the classical media fraud – the chimera of today's professional spinners.

And this you do not have the courage to publish.

And the ultimate obscenity?
The Oz has been correctly attacking the BDS: here you plainly imply that the boycotts have merit – simply by mentioning it.
Your lionised Lyons uses the oldest modus for getting away with it: the distorting quote syndrome. Plainly successful in an attention – diminished post – modernist world.

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