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It is about time the 'peaceful' factions of PLO paid a price for murder of children!

 It is about time the 'peaceful' factions of PLO paid a price for murder of children!

So Israel has annexed territory that is arguably hers anyway. 
Wait for the uproar! Wait for the history wars reconfigured.

Note that it is the logical consequence of war that the looser pays a heavy price. There are reparations and disparate penalties. This is the expected consequence of defeat: especially so with wars of aggression.
Especially so when the aggressor's intention is unashamed mass murder. 

Pathetically the terrorist groups - [and the Arab nations in the region] were defeated in dozens of wars of attempted extermination from 1948 to today, and none even got a slap on their collective or individual wrists. Certainly none lost their massive comparative territory.

Furthermore, look at the legal system for a similar scenario. The guilty party tries to mitigate the penalty by plea - bargaining.

This system also works because of the principle of punishment / mitigation. 

Again - Israel's avowed would - be murderers  - the scores of terrorist groups who now ruthlessly wage terror on women and children, have never had any reason to seek reconciliation with the only democracy in the region.  SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WIN BY LOSING! 

This is a unique phenomenon, plainly unprecedented in history of war or the legal system. Even the quaint annals of International Law can be examined.

So it is arguable that it is about time the euphemised 'militants' paid a real price, a commodity more valuable for them than their own flesh and blood: territory!

Should one compare the so called Two State Solution with hypothetical territorial / refugee claims of Germans for Alsace and Lorraine?
It is about time the scores of ‘peaceful’  factions of Hamas / PLO pay a price for murder of children!
Via what immoral convolutions, illogical utopian humbug do supporters of the murderers of those three children use to dare criticize Israel?


The ABC perennially  criticizes Jews for surviving internecine terror: The ABC World Today 2/9  decrying even the basic survival - principle  via their favorite monikers of ‘’asymmetry, hopelessness’’ amid classical euphemised waffle. And all the acoutrements of perpetual victimhood.

Does anyone care to complete a list?
Any list. Even a laundry list will do so long as the promoters of said list do not cheat.
Note that the world functions on the predication that a list enables context. It enables someone to accumulate a series of rational ideas.

Even in this post - modernist world of willful liars... a list would help!

Start merely with the sickening evil of Jews having to live under a reign of bombs?
Anyone can easily add a few analogies to help their trite minds. [who needs an analogy can contemplate how tolerant they would be to have bombs perpetually as a threat on Bondi. Or on their house.]
Why do so many people fail to understand this simple analogy? Can they be anything but wilfully blind – or antisemitic? Or worse?
Indeed – it is now deemed socially progressive to hate Jews. Ask the BDS practitioners.
Only the professional antagonists of Israel accept that she will ‘forever’ allow the continuum of  mass – murder and mayhem forever?

Israel gave up Gush Katif /  Gaza in 2005.
Anyone with a sense of history care to contemplate what happened in hindsight? Nine years of terror.

May this latest enlightenment cause a dramatic, pragmatic solution.
Morality herein is irrelevant. Remember life means nothing to them: unique since Japanese suicide bombers.

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accoutrement: definition of accoutrement in Oxford ...


Definition of accoutrement in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. ... An additional item of dress or equipment: the accoutrements of religious ritual.

The Nazis in Alsace and Lorraine | Foreign Affairs


THE French Government at Vichy did not have the power to prevent the German Government from virtually annexing Alsace and Lorraine.

Israeli disengagement from Gaza

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Israeli disengagement from Gaza (Hebrew: תָּכְנִית הַהִתְנַתְּקוּתTokhnit HaHitnatkut; in the Disengagement Plan Implementation Law), also known as "Gaza expulsion" and "Hitnatkut", was the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza, and the dismantling of all Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005. Four small settlements in the northern West Bank were also evacuated.
The disengagement was proposed by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, adopted by the government on June 6, 2004 and enacted in August 2005. Those Israeli citizens who refused to accept government compensation packages and voluntarily vacate their homes prior to the August 15, 2005 deadline, were evicted by Israeli security forces over a period of several days.[1] The eviction of all residents, demolition of the residential buildings and evacuation of associated security personnel from the Gaza Strip was completed by September 12, 2005.[2] The eviction and dismantlement of the four settlements in the northern West Bank was completed ten days later.

Announcement and adoption of the plan[edit]

In his book Sharon: The Life of a Leader, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's son Gilad wrote that he gave his father the idea of the disengagement.[3] Sharon had originally dubbed his unilateral disengagement plan, the "separation plan" or Tokhnit HaHafrada before realizing that, "separation sounded bad, particularly in English, because it evoked apartheid."[4]
Sharon suggested his disengagement plan for the first time on December 18, 2003 at the Fourth Herzliya Conference. In his address to the Conference, Sharon stated that″settlements which will be relocated are those which will not be included in the territory of the State of Israel in the framework of any possible future permanent agreement. At the same time, in the framework of the Disengagement Plan, Israel will strengthen its control over those same areas in the Land of Israel which will constitute an inseparable part of the State of Israel in any future agreement.″[5]
Sharon formally announced the plan in his April 14, 2004 letter to U.S. President George W. Bush, stating that "there exists no Palestinian partner with whom to advance peacefully toward a settlement".[6]
On June 6, 2004, Sharon's government approved an amended disengagement plan, but with the reservation that the dismantling of each settlement should be voted separately. On October 11, at the opening of the Knesset winter session, Sharon outlined his plan to start legislation for the disengagement in the beginning of November and on October 26, the Knesset gave its preliminary approval. On February 16, 2005, the Knesset finalized and approved the plan.

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