Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gillard's Troika of impossible achievements

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Subject: Gillard's Troika of impossible achievements

Gillard's Troika of impossible achievements

The socialists of Labor methinks must soon credit the PM with a troika of honours.

This talented woman has done to public polity what the Killer - Tomato film could not remotely approach in movies.
She  succeeds  daily ignoring the intended, unintended and the inevitable consequences of everything she and her proletariat  promulgates.

There are hundreds of them - awaiting classification by over - worked historians who struggle with Julia’s political obituary.

  • The carbon tax for example, is intended to increase prices, make Australia uncompetitive and infuriate rational people.
  • There are hundreds that come under the proletarian aegis of unintended consequences. All pathetic governments manage it. She does it more, bigger - and better and regularly.
  • But it is the inevitable consequences that clearly proves her heroine status. It is in the newspapers daily, on the lips of even Labor supporters and journalists.
The denouement will prove that there is no need to give too many examples; nothing can be exaggerated.
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