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Gillard's CCCP [Cabinet of Collective Clowns of the Proletariat]

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Subject: Gillard's CCCP: [Cabinet of Collective Clowns of the Proletariat]

Gillard's CCCP: [Cabinet of Collective Clowns of the Proletariat]

The Julia Gillard's protectors - the CCCP [Cabinet of Collective Clowns of the Proletariat] are a bunch of unreconstructed clique of clots who now cannot replace the chief cadre!

Over the years they have all had a hand in supporting the commissar and now cannot organize a coup under the aegis of class struggle; now they would call it social justice, I guess.

They were in stasis as Julia humiliated them with East Timor, created the less - than - egalitarian 5:1 people swap deal with Malaysia, merely watched with benign insouciance as the PM became a candidate for Lenin's Useless - Idiot prize - and witnessed a cruel class struggle from the cabinet room as almost a thousand people drowned!

Finally we have proof that the left are not only imbecilic with no idea how to govern the country, but plainly are ignorant as to the implication of intended and surely the unintended consequences of what they do - or fail to do in a timely manner.

This politburo would be better studying peace studies.
She did claim to favour the classroom.

Geoff Seidner



Would you qualify for a pension in Greece? Take this quick one question test.
Have you a pulse? Yes/no.
If you answered ‘yes’ – congratulations, συγχαρητήρια or συγχαρητήριο.
Living in a country run by dingbat socialists undoubtedly has its advantages.
The official government gazette there has just published a new list for the purposes of deciding officially whether someone is mentally ill.
Flashers, paedophiles, gamblers, pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs, fetishists, voyeurs, and sadomasochists are all on the list.
Ah! But!
Under Greek law, the mentally ill are entitled to a pension and the bailout countries like Britain and Germany are not all that pleased to send money they need for teachers and nurses to keep Greek flashers in comfort. Not to mention paedophiles.
That is an ‘unintended consequence’, governments grin uneasily.
Unintended consequences are what socialist governments are best at.
In Australia, the socialism impregnated Gillard government is about to banjax the motor industry and the aluminium industry because of the crazy Carbon Tax.
That’s par for an unintended consequence.
For example, in Greece, the government mandates the price of all drugs.
So Greeks can’t get aspirin, and inhalants for asthma, and heart pills right now unless they are dead lucky.
Because once the socialist government there decided to enforce the price that pills can be sold for – and being socialists like Gillard who haven’t a clue how markets work – they set the price too low for a return for the manufacturer.
So the pill manufacturers sell their pills to Germany and Austria and Italy and avoid bankruptcy.
Will Olympic Airways will be filling their planes with Australian paedophiles, pyromaniacs and flashers loaded with a year’s supply of Aspro and Intal and heading for the pedo’s paradise?
Good riddance, Australia might say, but there is really no point in lashing out on a ticket. In a year at most the socialist ALP/Green government will make the trip unnecessary.
Luckily, by that time they will have also brought in assisted suicide.
If you want to see what Australia will be like in 10 years of Labor, think Greese! I worry they get elected with spin merchants like Bruce Hawker.
Hawker is a cunning PR man but after the pain and suffering that Labor has inflicted on Australia at the behest of Herr Brown I doubt if the electors will trust them again for at lease a couple of terms. Anyway how do you put a good spin on a heap of sh*t.

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