Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vested pipelines: Swan's cliched world!

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Subject: Vested pipelines: Swan's cliched world!
Vested pipelines: Swan's cliched world!

This morning Wayne Swan used the 'pipeline' word 4 times in mere seconds. [ABC Radio AM 8. 10 am.]

And worse: his political life is ruled by the apparent self - made cliche of ''vested interests.''
Plainly he fails to understand that the economies of the world are based on self interest. Essentially the 'vested' variety! Beats Marxism any day.

Indeed it could be suggested that the term should never have come into use in any context as it is tautological socialism by an errant name. A massive indictment of Swanee who like Rudd has penned many socialist essays without understanding that Lenin's policies are long discredited.

Someone should tell Labor that their yearning for policies of the proletariat has long ago been eschewed by the electorate as well.

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