Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Welcome to Australia 2012 Labor style

From: g87
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 8:34 AM
Subject: Welcome to Australia 2012 Labor style

Welcome to Australia 2012 Labor style

We are assured that multiculturalism still works - as we see the hatred in the faces of youth who should be glad we have given them and their parents a home.

All excused under the usual waffle about vast majorities - majorities who plainly allow and teach their youth, toddlers and fellow travellers to so hate our democracy.
Plainly, for no valid reason – just hate of freedom.

Then we have the finance minister Penny Wong railing against rational economics: job cuts needed because their fellow former Labor state governments of decimated incompetents in QLD and NSW wrecked their economies.

Never mind Penny Wong: your mob will also soon hold opposition meetings in telephone boxes when the electorate realizes that Labor can never learn!

Sympathy votes gleaned from the absense of Gilllard due to the death of the PM’s father makes one wonder what other political rabbit she must soon conjour: a contract may already be out on her mother!

She will plainly do anything! Just look at what she has not done yet.....
If the above is sick – make a comparison!!

Geoff Seidner
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