Thursday, 4 October 2012


Look what a fuss the luvvies of the left are making of Alan
 Jones's recent  comment - that one about his musings of Gillard's
 father ''died of shame'' scenario.

I was not even held to account for my blog on Wednesday,
19 Sept 2012 [see link abovem see comments in part below]

''....Sympathy votes gleaned from the absence of Gilllard due to the death of the PM’s father makes one wonder what other political rabbit she must soon conjour: a contract may already be out on her mother!...''

A few short weeks before  the woman's initial improvement in the polls was due to an  absence from the political stage. 

The death of her father and the improvement in polling for her belabored party confirmed it. 
Now I worry about her mother.

Geoff Seidner

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