Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Obama will deservedly loose the US Presidency

Simply - there has been an unprecedented turn - around in the polls - where Obama had an unassailable lead mere weeks ago - to where it now perhaps favours Governor Romney. AND DO NOT FORGET THE MOMENTUM OVER THE NEXT 2 WEEKS! AND 'REALPOLITIC'
And whether you follow
or the rest.

Variations in polls can be explained by their different methodologies: a didactic analysis is outside the domain of this posting. ''B''

How do Gallup's likely voter models work?

Perhaps the best indicator of the left's panic is explicable within  the links below. ''A''
And much more.

Note that this trend has been obvious to me for more than a week.
Amazingly the local media has not seen fit to report any of it!

Geoff Seidner

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