Sunday, 7 October 2012

Morons everywhere

Late Sunday 7 October 2012

I have strived to understand how the Gillard / Rudd governments could be so peerlesly incompetent that the logical mind fails to grasp how to come to terms with the awe - inspiring ineptness of this rabble.

It is useless trying to count their heroic failures in every arena from policies they profess to achieve then fail completely, to what they merely say and essentially promise to mess up, to the lack of even elemental thinking through the inevitable consequences of plans that frequently fail before even  being promolgated!

Sadly counting the disasters is impossible - because they regularly repeat the same - never learning anything.
AND COUNTING IS AN  INTEGRAL PART  of any rational mind in coming to understand it all!

Pathetically they have all but run out if credible personel: the second -  last one to join the ranks of the professional twirps is the Attorney General Nicola Roxon!
She has no same in abusing - the esteemed Tony Abbott.

So now Labor has only one credible Minister left:Foreign Minister Steven Smith.
I hate to think what lunacy Gillard will ask him to do. It is inevitable that he too will be forced to mess - up his portfolio.

To be continued/

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