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  1. Mark Dreyfus - is Julia Gillard's  new Attorney General replacing the  pathetic Nicola Roxon.
  2. Dreyfus has attacked the commendable Christopher Pyne for Pyne's parodic criticism of Julia Gillard's Ministry and mode of government. Indeed Julia and her government cannot be assessed via anything but a great parody.
  3. There must be thousands - am in a hurry so here is only one as below link. My blog is replete with my own efforts.

Gillard's end of the world spoof is life imitating...

As can be seen from the links - Dreyfus is an outrage,
A hypocritical outrageous humbug of a man.


  • He attacks Pyne - who is foundation member of Parliamentary Friends of Israel  for an alleged Nazi comment indicting Julia's government - when by any practical / logical /  intellectual / moral  criteria - Pyne was refering to a pathetic film that has been widely parodied! Why not impeach the thousands of these parodies, Dreyfus?
  • The morally upstanding Pyne - apologized yesterday when he plainly should not have bothered. [see link below]
  • Dreyfus - a Jew - defaming one of the best friends of Jewish people with this obscene moniker! Shame on you - J'accuse!
  • Dreyfus - a former underling of Climate Lunacy Minister Greg Combet - has designated Climate  change sceptics as DENIERS! ALL BELABORED LABOR MEMBERS HAVE BEEN ON RECORD - HAVING REPEATED THIS MODERN - DAY OBSCENITY OF THE LEFT. SO MUCH FOR THE GREATEST MORALL ISSUE OF OUR TIME! [K07]
  • IT GETS WORSE _ THEY HAVE BEEN ASKED TO APOLOGIZE AND CEASE USING THE DENIER LABEL - AND THESE UNSPEAKABLE MORONS HAVE ALL REFUSED: EXCEPT FOR MICHAEL DANBY - WHO IS OF COURSE  ALSO JEWISH. Pyne has indeed been on record as asking the lefy to cease / desist from appending denier nomenclature: to no avail!
  • But it gets even  worse: Dreyfus had many interviews yesterday - repeating the above with unpleasant pride. Decent people should shame Dreyfus by complaining to this humbug of a man via  appending Emile Zola's great book. Furthermore, this government should die of shame - if that is possible.
  • Detritus Dreyfus refused to allow questions when interviewed by Melbourne Radio station 3AW's Tom Elliott. I HAD A GO AT HIM AT 5.15 pm yesterday ON AIR - BEFORE ELLIOT CUT ME OFF! BUT I GOT IN A MINUTE'S WORTH OF ELOQUENT DIATRIBE.  This will be on the next posting on this blog -  Socialist Dystopia.
Geoff Seidner

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