Thursday, 13 June 2013

Complaint to ABC HQTRS re MENU SCAM!!;;

ABC Headquarters and
Programme Manager Lateline
Dear Sir / Madame
I refer to the 7 30 report of the Janet Albrechsten / Mia Freedman / Leigh Sales interview last night: it was apparently during this 3 – way conversation that the news discrediting the multiple claims re ‘MENU scam’ of the belaboured Labor government was disclosed.
A bit of a scoop perhaps  – and Leigh Sales handled it professionally as did the other two ladies.
It is noteworthy that whilst JA and MF hold different political views – they both lacerated the Gillard government.
However the news was in it’s infancy – one could not expect analysis.
However – there is no merit for Emma A of Lateline!
It was a disgrace how Emma dearest allowed Minister for Girlie – Events to get away with pure humbug!
I still find it difficult to believe what T Plibersek said in defiance of reality:
The transcript is not yet available – but the detail will be worse for your acolytes at the House of Gillard / Emmerson et al!
Instead of investigating matters material in front of her EA ignored it all! She had plenty of time....yet the intro was a ponderous, irresponsible rehashing of what she had prima – facie evidence was simply too absurd!
How is it possible for them to even THINK that Abbott and others were involved in this idiocy?
And if they were – knowing that they would be easily held to account – why are you guys so besotted with this government’s multiple idiocies delivered daily in so many ways – that merely on the greatest scale of certainties [to coin a new phrase] it HAD TO BE A SCAM!!!
Certainly worth being sceptical about it, non?
But NO!
The transcript will be yet another humiliation to EA’s interview style the deliberate [??] deficiencies when it comes to defending the abysmal!
I just do not have time for now to detail her / ABC’s soft tactics on that anti coal lunatic a few short weeks ago.
Do you people not care that you will in a few short weeks will have nowhere to hide?
I have an expectation that you will have to change your dismal procedures – your very modus vivendi!
No more for now – I simply expect a decent answer that you can take cap in hand to those enquiring into the ABC soon.
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9 525 9299

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