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: Hello Jon Faine ...re asbestos NBN and ZETA NUMBERS

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Subject: Hello Jon Faine ...re asbestos NBN and ZETA NUMBERS

Jon Faine
Radio Host 774
Greetings, Jon

It ain’t easy being on the left, is it?
I listened how you were given an asbestos / NBN  lesson between 8 30 am and 9 35 am this morning.
At least you admitted you have a lot to learn.
The trouble is that Conroy and his cronys have done everything to hide everything re NBN white elephant – which has now become yet another lethal instrument in the hands of those who managed so far to kill only 4 people re their green / luvvy / insulation disaster. Never mind that he does not understand what a ‘CBA’ is – see google highlighted below.
You see John – it is all a moot point that Conroy simply does not understand that it has to include the Potential costs of not doing the project!!!
Seeing that he is / was / will remain being generations behind – seeing that he refuses to allow the various departments at his disposal to rationally cost any policy.
Preferring consultants – ‘experts’ Julia is very good at running up costs like this – and usually ignoring the result! Sigh.
But I digress. It is so easy to digress when this miserable Labor mob has reached the stage that even the true believers have given up. They have less than 40% of the mean IQ – in support – which because of the nature of mean  IQ  relationship to the mean population – Julia can surely only go up from here. Oops -  I digressed again. Cannot help myself – we live in interesting times. To quote a now reconfigured Australian curse.

PM bent on leading ALP over the abyss | The Australian 


... the abyss. by: Phillip Adams; From: The Australian; June 04, 2013 12:00AM ... (It's surprising he didn't call publicly for her resignation on his way out the door.) ...
Indeed – I commend you: the very first thing you said this morning was in contemplating how one can check the veracity of asbestos fibres removal and the safety restored in situ.
With Conroy in charge – he the one who is not bound by cost – benefit analysis
But getting back to my main theme.
Your ABC has multiple ways of demonstrating their bias.
Indeed this email will be the start of my didactic list of how the programme managers manage to get away with it. Please appreciate that this is merely the start: today I have thought of only two – and I have restricted this list to merely unusual / not widely understood / appreciated scams.
  1. Performing a Cost-Benefit Analysis - For Dummies 


    Whether you know it as a cost-benefit analysis or a benefit-cost analysis, performing one is ... Potential costs of not doing the project ... your analysis, the more important itis to convert your estimates of benefits over costs into today's dollars.
  2. [PDF]

    Handbook of Cost-Benefit Analysis - Department of Finance and ... 


    Cost-benefit analysis is also helpful where, without any commercial ... determining the money equivalent value of outcome is not feasible, cost-effectiveness .... more readily accessible, the cost of doing a cost-benefit analysis has fallen.
The below link will take you to the reason for this email: ZETTA NUMBERS AND GILLARD. And ABC AM on 31.5 link.
Note that the asbestos disaster – Labor disaster # 997 – has largely made the ZETA NUMBERS parody not the most important thing.
However – I do wish to point out that the sheer idiocy behind the ABC AM producers running this as a pathetic attempt to justify the NBN – is beyond intellectual contempt!
I sduppose moral contempt too – because the asbestos catastrophe was known – even if the story and it’s implications have not ‘dawned’ yet.
Look Jon – no matter how large the internet becomes – it is imbecilic to try to mount the total downloading in 2017  as an excuse for the Conroy version of the NBN!!
Oh – I forgot – Conroy has planned for 40 years  completion – even more absurd on the grounds that he will be GA GA by then – and unable to make sense – as indeed he is, essentially non compis now.
NO MATTER how large – the material re future  downloaded does not increase exponentially. and even if it did – he is astoundingly ignorant of matters material! WHY FOR HEAVEN’s [that is secular heaven] SAKE NOT ALLOW THE PROBLEM OF 4 or 40) YEARS IN FUTURE BE SOLVED – OR ALLOW TO BE SOLVED – AS INDEED WILL BE – THEN!!
Yes – this capitalization indicates the new format of shouting.
There is nothing wrong with shouting.
Who claims there is? It is only the left who so declare as a tool of vitiation!
Oh – and the exclamation marks? That too is acceptable – I am allowed these harmless instruments – in view  what the government of disrepute does daily.
Indeed there are many new things daily.
They are doing a snow – job on us! #997 is too far to count.....
Do I need to give you a rational analysis of what I just wrote: I KNOW you understand. If you insist on not understanding – then I am sad.
Thus I have the first 2 of above:
Look Jon – the ABC creates news in attempting to debunk news they do not like – See this morning The Australian Cut And Paste.
Thank goodness for David Karoly.

  • Karoly's regal bias - Cut and paste - 4/6/13
    see my link above
    So here I leave it.
    I am working on a method whereby the sheer dunamics [not a typo] of Labor’s disasters can be seen at a glance!
    Merely logging it on my blog is not the answer.
    The entries will get lost in the morass of madness – it will have no meaning for our grandchildren. If they survive climate lunacy. I am not sure it is worth the effort.
    Can you partner a daily entry on The Drum – so we can make a start?
    Who knows where it will finish.
    Perhaps my  maim blog is a clue. socialistdystopia.blogspot.com.au
    There is a lot of supplementary reading there for refugees of the left.
    You see Jon – I have a dream to stop Labor governments from EVER being able to do this again – no matter what iteratin any future derivations will be named.
    I know the Bretharians, Thetanites and the defunct Natural Law Party have made their moves in preselections  and takeovers to come.
    Stay tuned... or do a google searc of what I have written on this genuine conspiracy.
    •  In my utopian world – lies will not be allowed. Ho hum.
    •  Parties will be sued if they wilfully cause harm to the people.
    •  Parties will have to explicate in full detail – even if it is like the NBN / back of envelope job – all of why / what / how they ‘do’.
    •  The main point is accountability: parties will not be able to hide from the  circumstances they glibly create and the logical, indubitable financial implications thereof. That any government has to contemplate all this will mean that all is done in good faith – and they will not have to run the shredders when the day of denouement decimates their utopia.
    Look through my blog Jon.
    It is just a matter of time before it becomes obligatory reading. I am trying to bully my family and friends to do so.
    The above is being posted on my blog within seconds: In view of the precarious nature of the future of the ABC incipient privatised et al – you and management  may appreciate the opportunity of showing to the future buyer that you have become economic and political rationalists.
    And if you do not – you can describe my scribbles as ‘rambling’.
    Who knows – you may still have a lot of supporters. Up The Revolution!
    Geoff Seidner
    13 Alston Gr East St Kilda 3183
    03 9 525 – 9299
    Ps I am one – eyed as of now: tomorrow I am having my second cataract operation.
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