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Israel / Diversity - Labored style

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Subject: Israel / Diversity - Labored style

Diversity - Labored style
How cute that new leader Bill Shorten can so glibly reconfigure the artifice of the selection of his factional enemy Tanya Plibersek as his deputy under the aegis of ‘’diversity’’
Of course Shorten needed femininist czarina Tanya to shore up his support amongst the useful idiots.
Conflict is guaranteed as Shorten plainly is a friend of Israel: Plibersek is in the Bob Carr camp!
And Tony Abbott’s people will continue the honourable policy of doing the morally correct in supporting the Middle East’s only democracy.
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artifice - definition of artifice by the Free Online Dictionary ...
An artful or crafty expedient; a stratagem. See Synonyms at wile. 2. Subtle but base deception; trickery. 3. Cleverness or skill; ingenuity.


News for shorten diversity

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  1. ‎- 1 hour ago
    Bill Shorten has won the Labor leadership despite being backed by just... The new opposition leader is expected to make diversity a key issue ...

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