Friday, 22 November 2013

An Open letter to ABC HQTRS

An Open letter to ABC HQTRS
Of multiple frauds and ABC
The ABC has now ventured into outrageous malfeasant, manifest, shameless failures in it’s charter.
Not only in failing to report matters material to the Indonesian spy scandal, but also distorting what they do promulgate.
On Friday November 22 their flagship Orweillian  propaganda tool Radio AM programme deliberately failed to mention the following -  basis exclusive items in The Australian of 22/11:
  • The head of Indonesia’s National Intelligence Agency has admitted to spying by Indonesia and has ordered a ‘’review to boost the capability of his intelligence service.... to protect classified information’’
  • Their spooks have  1800 employees and agents in 17 countries according to former Chief of spies.
  • The above plainly discredits the claims of Dr Natalegawa who attempted to ‘’dismiss suggestions that his country needed to spy on other governments.’’
  • The Indonesians according to ANU ‘s Prof Greg Fealy have limited ‘’capacity to intercept signals...they would use more but they don’t have it.’’
  • Indeed – the spy agencies are directed mainly at political dissidents.
  • Jakarta purchased $US 6.7 worth of surveillance equipment from  a British firm ‘to be used for intelligence gathering.’
  • And AM promoted merely a continuum of anti – Abbott diatribe for the PM’s failures in not apologising! Astonishing twirpery: they think they can get away with it
So it seems to me that Australia should give their aid to Indonesia by sending them the latest in spyware [of the original genre.]
And an armada of Naval vessels as well to satisfy their yearning for the best in the world?
Both should enhance the utilitarian value [$600m+]  that we squander on them annually.
But it is worse than that: the AM programme refused to entertain the existence of the article:
The Australian ‎- 10 hours ago
No wonder the Gillard government was prepared to scrap a competitive contract to provide the the Australian Network and unilaterally hand it to the ABC!
  1. So I ask ABC management: how dare they so impeach matters that so materially affect their very raison d’etre?
  2. Do they have evidence impugning the credibility of the items?
  3. If they so claim to impugn – give evidence as to what their reasoning was to enable the  morality to  defacto censoring of the news.
  4. If not censoring – then nominate another word or phrase that suffices basis basic common sense / morality!
The shame word does not do any of this justice: there are mendacious, multiple deliberate frauds here that should ensure that action is finally taken against this outrageous alleged news – gathering entity!
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299


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