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A letter to the Editor in Chief of The Australian

From: g87
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 1:13 PM
Subject: A letter to the Editor in Chief of The Australian

Editor In Chief
Chris Mitchell
Letters Editor The Australian
CC to
Greg Sheridan
Chris Kenny
Nick Cater
Gerard Henderson
Dear Sir,
You have finally managed to almost completely protect your in – house anti semite John Lyons.
There have been a few critiques in allowed in The Oz but Lyons remains. Worse: he certainly he never changes in his hatred of Israel.
Honourable mention must go to Greg Sheridan who was allowed to critique Lyons months ago re the lamentable partnership The Australian formed with the ‘enemy’ – THE ABC / 4 Corners laceration of the Jewish state.
I guess by extension some commendation due to you, Mitchell?
I would think Sheridan was too important for you to refuse!
The odd criticism of Lyons gets published in the letter if it contains enough incidental material to give oxygen to Lyons and Israel’s other professional enemy Bob Carr and their Israel bashing.
And not too critical.
You see, Chris Mitchell you have taken the thoughtless letter from an ostensible friend of Israel Dov Midalia who may indeed be sarcastic in his suggestion that:
‘’JL quite rightly points out’’ about the Israeli right wing. And references are made  to ‘’Israel being pushed further to the right’’
Midalia also refers to L’s outrageous article Settlers fuel cycle of bloodshed 22/11. The title alone is a blood libel!
Midalia’s  letter further contains references to the so called  Israeli settlers – and how ‘’Netanyahu and the settlers are the beneficiaries of this swing to the right.’’
Let me see if I get this right: DM is suggesting that the Israeli PM Netanyahu is benefiting from the murder by terrorists AKA the PLO and all their appendages appendants and the disparate multifarious tools of the mass – murdering Philistines!
Dov Midalia has thus pathetically essentially merged with Lyons almost to a tee!
I am now of course wondering about him too! The longer this diatribe goes, the worse he looks!
AND you of course know Lyons and Carr. They forever hunt down quotable quotes – and they would not resile from quoting from todays lamentable letters – there is another one openly hostile to Jews.
This is the way of media manipulators.
EG: Lyons has at least TWICE hopelessly tried to decimate Jews by referring to a ‘’fanatical Jewess settler Danielle Weiss’’ who said to him that ‘’God gave Israel to the Jews.’’
Never mind the immorality of this.
Never mind the wanton imbecility of squestering what is in the BIBLE – and using it as a means of suggesting Jews have no right to hold to their belief!
This is at least rascist.
I have never heard any comments against Thetans!
Simply pathetic that Lyons is so evil he does not know what is in the Papal Encyclical of 1965!
But enough of this tangent.
Why do you so obviously refuse to publish anything from me because I dared to hold you to account with that cartoon depicting Julia Gillard then PM – being strangled by Jews in the form of a Star of David around her neck!
You even got into bed with the Australian Press Council – your ostensible enemy – to find the cartoon ‘’meeting community standards’’!
Anything to enable you to not admit that Loebecke’s Ccartoon was a derivation of DER STURMER!
There is nothing that causes you concern. Shame on you Chris Mitchell!
Shame on any who glibly ignore what you have done – in spite of commendable things like the BDS
May you have as many children as the hairs upon thy head and May you live in interesting times.
This will be on my blog in seconds
Amaze me by responding via email, on my bog or via letter.
And try to  assure me that I am being delusional herein.
Yours Faithfully
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda 3183
  November (9)

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