Monday, 15 April 2013

Press Council response of sorts

From: g87
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 4:32 PM
Subject: Unilateral / non answerable Press Council worker!

Dear Alicia Sammy
I refer to conversation with you at approx an hour ago.
Earlier I spoke with a pleasant lady Shamim Islam – telling her that I found your procedural demands to be absurd and devoid of reasonableness. My conversation with her was extensive and she listened with diligence and empathy.
YOU LAUGHED AT ME when I wanted to speak with the Chairman Julian Disney!
Earlier you REFUSED to give me your superior’s name.
Note that even OUR conversation was extensive.
You demanded a detailed analysis of each document and a detailed analysis of how it / they all breached your guidelines.
Upon being told that it is not reasonable to do that – and that there are so many documents that it would be absurd to do that – you told me to fit it into 400 words,
I almost agreed – even though it is difficult to see how the cartoon of Julia Gillard being strangled by the Jewish Lobby AKA Star Of David – and the Jews being responsible for the burning of Parliament House needs ANY elucidation!
Until you told me that my complaints fail because 2 of them fall outside the 60 days time span!
When I explained to you that The Australian refused to respond to me in spite of at least 4 timely / immediate responses – YOU TOLD ME THAT IF THEY HAD RESPONDED IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD ENOUGH – ‘’....AT LEAST YOU WERE IN REGULAR COMMUNICATION’’ you said!
This – and the next matter are outrageous! You LAUGHED AT ME IN YOUR REFUSAL TO LET ME SPEAK WITH MR DISNEY – your Chairman!
Never mind that it strikes me as bizzare that you think you are not accountable!! To re - coin your phrase – ‘’IT STOPS WITH ME’’ Realy?
I conceded by the way that the matter of John Lyons could be set out – but that too is deemed by me under the circumstances a grandiose insult.
I further advise that you told me to lodge separate complaints against [the cartoonist Loebbecke and writer Pearson] – as if this is anything but asinine.
Are you suggesting I should ask Loebbecke draw another grossly offensive cartoon – and Pearson to write an article how the Jews Killed JC?
Therefore I bow take action which your organization will know about sooner or later.
Geoff Seidner

From: Complaints
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 8:52 AM
To: g87
Subject: Your emails
Dear Mr Seidner,
In order to consider your complaint we require you to complete a complaint form on our website wherein you need to cite specific words and sentences from the article/s about which you have concern and why. We also ask that you advise therein which Principles of ours you feel the article/s breached and why.
I have attached a copy of our General Statement of Principles for your information.
Yours sincerely,
Alicia Sammy | Complaints and Communications Officer
Australian Press Council
Suite 2 Level 10
117 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T 02 9261 1930
F 02 9267 6826
From: g87 []
Sent: Friday, 12 April 2013 5:05 PM
To: Complaints

Contact us

The contact details for the Australian Press Council are:
(02) 9261-1930 or 1800-025-712
(02) 9267-6826
For complaints about publications:
For all other enquiries: please complete Contact Form below
Postal and Street Address:
Australian Press Council
Suite 10.02, 117 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Dear Sir Madam
I wish to complain about The Australian with respect to two items.
  1. The cartoon by Loebbecke appended to Graham Richardson’s article of January 18 2013
  2. Article by Noel Pearson of January 5, 2013
As can be seen I complained about these two matters on at least 4 occasions: these were in the form of emails to Mr Rupert Murdoch’s office and to the Editor In Chief et al of The Australian.
They ignored me.
I gave them every chance – that is the reason for the late complaint
As they ignored many entreaties from LEADERS of the Jewish community.
Of course I have no idea how many private individuals complained about the resurrection of DER STURMER and what can reasonably be delineated as derivative of the historic blood libel!
Note the comments in my links AND BRIEF COMMENTS BELOW below.
  • The obscene cartoon was immediately taken off line.
  • There were two letters published in The Oz the next day lambasting the cartoonist,
  • The cartoonist still has the cartoon in ‘redacted’ / unclear on his blog.
  • The cartoonist has to his credit published a lacerating comment.
  • The cartoonist has ignored a comment I lodged on his blog about the said cartoon; I have no clear record of having lodged said complaint as it was not published by Loebbecke on jis blog. To his credit – Loebbeke published a withering critique!
As far as Pearson is concerned – his comments are outrageous. AND HE TRIED IT AGAIN - see link – not as bad as before! C Pearson: Words with the power to move
In particular I draw attention to a brilliant article sent next email – referring to BLOOD LIBELS et al.
Kindly look at the highlighted area.
Note that the entire article is readable via the link supplied.
Now I wish to write the obvious: following all the links you will find detailed comments – there seems no valid reason to repeat them.
Kindly take the links as part of my submission.
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kida 3183
03 9525 9299

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