Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Greg Hunt on Carbon trading et al

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Dear Geoff,

In 2012 Julia Gillard triumphantly announced in Parliament that she would tie her Carbon Tax to the European ETS.

It was another bad judgment by Julia Gillard.

Overnight, there were wild price fluctuations in the European carbon price with Europe’s price falling 30 per cent by the end of trading. The Economist has even now called the carbon permits traded as “below the level of junk bonds”.

Two simple messages come out of this:
  1. The Australian Carbon Tax is now 5.5 times higher than the European tax – and under Labor, the Carbon Tax is due to increase again on 1 July this year and 1 July next year!
  2. The Government’s Carbon Tax is in chaos. Labor's Budget forecasts the Carbon Tax to soar to $37 per tonne by 2020. So either the Government’s modelling is correct and we will be even more out of line with the rest of the world, or if it is not, the ALP’s Carbon Tax will create a multi-billion dollar black hole and Labor's Budget deficit will only get worse.

In addition, the head of EU carbon analysis for PointCarbon, said “The EU ETS will not bring about any additional greenhouse gas reductions, so it will be irrelevant in terms of reducing total emissions in Europe.”

The Carbon Tax is a bad tax based on a lie and an impost on every Australian household and business.

The Coalition’s commitment is clear: We will abolish the Carbon Tax. Abolishing the Carbon Tax will be the first order of business for the next Coalition government.

The Coalition's Direct Action Plan will reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable future without a Carbon Tax.

Yours sincerely,
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Greg Hunt
Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage

Click here to read Our Plan to Abolish the Carbon Tax.

Click here to read our Real Solutions Plan to deliver a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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