Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Multiple scams of the Carbon catastrophe

Multiple scams of the Carbon catastrophe
I have merely a few questions to ask the warmists and the CSIRO's manager Megan Clark.
[AM and The World Today - ABC radio.]

  1. The scam / price of carbon [trading] in Europe has taken another catastrophic fall, well below Julia's artificial floor price of $23. When the comrades realize that if only for the differential between A$4 and the price manufacturers have to pay in Australia to the carbon brigands [A$23] – proves that the market cares nought for the fraudulent Labored price.
  2. If those who contemplate having to pay this usurious impost of $23 do not lap - up the European price of $4 - then the huge differential between the former and the latter scams are prima facie proof that both are fraudulent and the end of this government is imminent.
  3. For European ‘traders’ to not even partially give credence for Australia’s actions, is disastrous for the girly PM – who will plainly not understand any of this! She is too busy making a mess of her comfort zone – the classroom.
  4. Now one needs to ask again the eternal question: if a genuine market ever existed - then how would ;delivery' ever have taken place when the commodity is / was merely hot air derivatives? As Jews say-luftgesheft
  5. The fact that our carbon – price con is touted to artificially kept going up in spite of what the real world has fraudulently decried – is proof that the government has lost their ken. They never had it – even now they try to blame others for their latest humiliation!
  6. And as CSIRO sacks workers - how many studying / researching climate lunacy have lost their jobs. Why not save lives, Megan Clark and try to cure cancer? What a disgrace your CSIRO has become as you  tried to protect Labor's warmist scam. Years ago our youth would have been proud to have worked there.
  7. How long will universities - champions of climate abomination - take to sack their climate progenitors offering useless courses that are now farcically diminished.
There are so many other tangents of this greatest ponzi / govermental scheme in history.
Geoff Seidner

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