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Email / Letter To Julian Disney - Press Council

From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 12:08 PM
Subject: Email / Letter To Julian Disney - Press Council

  • Email / Letter To Julian Disney - Press Council

Professor, Director - Social Justice Project


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  • Dear Mr Disney and lady person

  • I refer you to various communications with your esteemed Press Council. You will find them on my blog; links herein as below.Your lady person staff member laughed at me when I wanted you to overview said lady - person - staff member's comments.

  1.   Does your Press Council find acceptable to be so contemptuous as to mock your clients / respondents?
  2.   Is it the structure of the Press Council such that your staff can glibly, effectively claim that they are not accountable? Even YOU, Mr Disney are accountable: everyone is accountable to someone or to an authority that must innately overview what they do. Only totalitarian regimes deem themselves not accountable!
  3.   In your case - it can go as high as the Minister, The PM or the current government's successors - or much better - the Media! Never mind religious principles which defer to the ultimate authority. This is a standard secular people do not hold themselves accountable to: they simply build castles / regulations around their citadels of mere irrelevant regulations and perhaps the law. They need never concern themselves with moral issues - they can always explain themselves with the claim that it must be legislated or on a series of dot points of the dolts.
  4.     I am not criticising the law – indeed the manufacture of laws makes the secular world work. Indeed there are many secular / atheist people who are morally – upstanding in what they do et al. IT IS JUST MY POSTULATE THAT AS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ARE OBLIGED TO ACCEPT THE LAW AND THEIR RELIGIOUS SCRUPLES – these people feel that they are accountable to another standard. Indeed – MY POSTULATE INSISTS THAT THERE BE A MORAL ELEMENT IN WHAT YOU GUYS DO – AND IT SHOULD BE EXPLICITLY UNDERSTOOD THAT YOUR ACTIONS SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN THE DOMAINS OF THE MORAL ELEMENT! And unless it is a crazy religion – morality to which YOU possibly do not hold in the same way – may make religious morality worth considering. Sigh: this is arguably too prolix.
  5.   I go on – without any more this semi - relevant tangent. Keep in mind how this will look - this lady - person - staff member - or anyone else - will not be able to ensconce themselves from scrutiny via the above contrivance. Or any other manifest contrivance.
  6.   By contrivance I also mean that I was involved in complaining to various people at The Oz / Newscorp New York on multiple subjects. This lady person deemed this as unacceptable - because it took the matter outside of her ethereal 60 day limit - unless I was involved in communication! I WAS INVOLVED IN COMMUNICATION - ALL DOCUMENTED!
  7.   I find this 60 day limit absurd. It in no way adds to any matter intellectual, logistical, that diminishes any standard ethereal - if it did not exist at all.
  8.   I am not asking you to break your ethereal rules just to suit decent people who rail against the 3 items explicit herein blog. No - just understand that you have a major moral etc problems if you seek to vitiate what is plainly reasonable in OTHER WAYS AS WELL! See #11 etc below.
  9.   Certainly - no one has died, moved on, nor has the matter changed in any material way, nor is The Oz in ANY way disadvantaged by having to apologize belatedly. Nor is YOUR entity!
  10.   Do you want me to write a thesis on it? Or can you see that the above chimera is simply not worth pursuing?
  11.   If I send emails to people and they ignore it - then I send to others - and eventually - with due consideration to the multiple warnings given - then by what convoluted logic is this not deemed to be communication?
  12.   Being - or trying to be reasonable and courteous - means that all the other party has to do is ignore you for the matters to die in the world of this lady person.
  13.   It is so obvious THAT THE AUSTRALIAN AND NEWSCORP was / were trying to outlast me. That indeed does not add credence to the lady person's justification of playing nefarious, trite games - AND MOCKING ME!!!
  14.   Even former President Nixon was eventually found not only to be accountable - but impeachable. I rail against the very idea that this lady person can claim that ''the matter stops with me.''
  15.   I am sending this email direct to you at UNSW. I have found your email address and in a childish sort of way have thwarted the lady person. This I do not deem as much of a victory. I send copy to the lady person who is invited once again to respond appropriately. However I do not think she will.
  16. It must be obvious to you that this matter - involving 3 discrete matters of antisemitism - is not going away.

I find it disgusting that this cartoon depicting the PM being strangled by the 'Jewish lobby' - has never been even apologized for - in spite of many people complaining - including leaders of said 'Jewish Lobby'!

And worse - The Press Council seems determined to ensure this sick Nazi - Der Sturmer derivation - is never apologized for!
See below link - and all my other links on my blog.

I know you appreciate - understand that all my correspendences are posted on my blog http://socialistdystopia.blogspot.com.au/
As will this document – within seconds.

You are involved in a plethora of Social Justice Issues: this is the ultimate social / moral injustice. History will surely not treat your social enterprises generously unless you do the right thing! http://cognatesocialistdystopia.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/professor-julian-disney-director-soc.html

For secular - heaven's sakes - Julia Gillard has been drawn

 as a phoenix rising out of the ruins of

Parliament house - being strangled by STAR 


My Kindest Regards
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda

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