Thursday, 11 April 2013

15 catastrophies running simultaneously.

15 catastrophies running simultaneously.

Even without the carbon tax / climate lunacy, Labor / Gillard have at least 15 catastrophies running simultaneously. Awesome incompetence - even without the hundreds of earlier calamities.
Some are seemingly counted twice.

Not so.
The twirps today have an opportunity to solve at least the Sri Lankan illegal arrivals by sending them back as requested by the Sri Lankan government today: I do not resile from adding it as another asinity. Asinities are also opportunities lost.

Labor creates political, financial, moral plagues daily, seamlessly, effortlessly, artlessly.

Here is my list.

  1. ICAC crime inquiry.
  2. Daily illegal immigrants / boats now arrive on mainland Australia!
  3. They will ignore Sri Lankan request to send them back.
  4. NBN
  5. Media wars of Conroy et al.
  6. Conroy's involvement in Roxon's seat / successor: dirty games
  7. GMH sackings / vs subsidy.
  8. Superannuation.
  9. 472 visas.
  10. Politics of envy/ class - war rhetoric.
  11. Swan blames overseas markets downturn - which are rising!
  12. The deficit.
  13. Gillard et al graceless on Margaret Thatcher.
  14. Attack John Howard on WMD / Iraq war.
  15. New consideration of High speed railway: Albanese has not created enough disasters!
The above are merely the current chaos of the worst government of all time.
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But, as they say in the classics, there can be only one winner. The gold medal for worst government policy for 2012 goes to the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.
Notwithstanding the fact that truck road safety has been actually improving, the Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, has been on a promise to the Transport Workers Union to introduce this costly and ineffective intervention for some time.

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