Thursday, 18 April 2013

BDS targets uni over campus shop

The spokeswoman said staff and students had been surveyed over new stores on campus.
"Max Brenner was the equal second most popular choice."
Tertiary Education Minister Craig Emerson slammed the boycott.
"The Australian government has always been firm and clear in its opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign," he said.

"Such boycotts against Israel, in addition to harming Palestinian people economically, are unhelpful to the Middle East peace process."
Executive Council of Australian Jewry head Peter Wertheim said action against Max Brenner had failed.
"Since the boycott campaign against Max Brenner Australia began in 2011, their business has really boomed," he said.
"Their shops are crowded with Australians of all backgrounds, including families with women wearing hijabs.
"Fair-minded people simply scoff at the boycotters' rhetoric characterising chocolate shop owners as 'war criminals'."
NSW opposition frontbencher Walt Secord urged "a reverse boycott" of the shop.
Australian Union of Jewish Students political affairs director Dean Sherr said he trusted the university would not back down.
He hoped "students are not harassed or physically prevented from entering".
Mr Sherr called BDS "an ugly attempt to delegitimise an entire nation".
"The problem with BDS is that it does nothing to offer solutions or initiatives for peace," he said.
"It's about attributing all the blame to Israel and punishing it, and calling into question the Jewish state's very right to exist."
He spoke of an recent incident at Melbourne's Monash University where a Jewish student was allegedly assaulted for attempting to put up a pro-Israeli poster.
Last week the University of Sydney Students Representative Council called for an academic boycott of Israel.

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