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Dear Phillip Leary
I write to you in desperation – having tried to communicate with NSW University Professor David Gonski yesterday – and having received a defacto response from the NSW University Vice Chancellor Professor Fred Hilmer in today’s The Australian Letters
I send you links to matters germaine to this email; it will not take you long to catch on.
Indeed – I send you the brilliant essay ex 2002 titled

Why the cabdrivers are right

by Jonathan Rosenblum
Jerusalem Post
February 1, 2002

This essay will magnificently tell you why I have lobbed this matter your way – and am lobbying you.
I am hoping you will find truly important people at your esteemed university to try to help me resolve the BDS matter.
My goal is to envisage you organising a boycott of the academics at the University.
The gardeners group – all the tea ladies – why even the ancillary staff. nd your fellow drivers. Indeed – anyone who passes the academic ‘nihilist’ test.
Send them copies of this email and march on the offices of Professors Gonski and Hilmer.
Placards should bear something non controversial.

Jews deserve to run businesses without agitators
 threatening customers.

Boycotting is technically illegal anywhere.


I think you can do better?
Perhaps signs that allude to the idea that freedom of expression is a responsibility – and not a unilateral right: somewhere commercial law will make this inimical to even commercial common sense.
I give you one example:
Would David Irving be allowed to demonstrate against Jews?
Well what if his sign said ‘The Germans did not kill enough Jews / the 6 million was exaggerated;? Mutually exclusive – but it would be not dissimilar to the obscenities of the BDS entitities!
I know Irving – he would probably attack Anne Frank – claiming there are biro enries in the diary. See below,
So – does he get to espouse his evil if it is merely his deliberate lies on Anne Frank diary?
You see Phillip – may I call you by your given name? – I have sort of got to know you already so pardon the familiarity.
It is so difficult to convey to the two esteemed gentlepersons that it is not a good idea to claim unilateral right for freedom of expression like Fred wrote in today’s The Australian [Letter To Editor 3/5]
  1. Unilateral freedom as espoused allows the gang to destroy the business of the intended victim [Max Brenners] Would you buy chocolates with vicious epithets flying around you?
  2. Is it enough for Fred to glibly declare that violent – or even mildly violent protest comes under his utopian aegis of
    ‘’free expression of diverse views on campus..’’
  3. Please pass on that your university could be sued for espousing this policy as it clearly has no consideration for legitimate business activity.
  4. Former PM Kevin Rudd’s comments should be warning enough: SEE HIGHLIGHTS BELOW – and of course you will follow the links below as well.
  5. The above should be a real – world warning to your bosses Fred and David G
I do not want to write anymore – not enough time.
It is hoped you and the real workers do not have to formally picket / blockade the Administration Offices.
But be determined and courageous – all your jobs are at risk if you allow Fred and David to ignore the problems.
One final thing – there are lots of people on my BCC list who are awaiting your reply.
They can help you with posters and lots of logistical support.

Kind Regards
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda 3183

PS – this email will be posted to my blog within seconds – typos et al.

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Driver to Chancellor/President and Vice-Chancellor
Mr Phillip Leary
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Mr Rudd condemned the BDS movement after The Australian revealed yesterday a leader of the campaign against Max Brenner had admitted its local outlets were not Israeli-owned.
"There is a clear difference between engaging in legitimate protest activity against any government, including the Israeli government, on aspects of policy that protesters disagree with," Mr Rudd said yesterday. "What is not legitimate in countries such as Australia is launching boycott activities against legitimate businesses owned in part or whole by members of the Australian Jewish community."
He said the boycott was reminiscent of those against Jewish stores in the 1930s. "By targeting a people rather than a government the BDS campaign begins to smack of anti-Semitism," he said.
Julia Gillard last week denounced the BDS movement and said the government had always been firm in opposing it.


That said, the editorial makes a number of claims that must be challenged. The anti-Semitic comments in question were made on external social media sites - sites over which this university has no control. More seriously, to suggest as the editorial does that the university should not tolerate a protest on campus on this or any other issue totally misconstrues the role and responsibilities of universities in a democratic society. To use the words of the editorial, we do not support any action that would ban the exchange of ideas between people in liberal democracies.
That is why we do not accept the limitations on the free exchange of ideas demanded by the BDS movement, and why the Max Brenner shop will open as scheduled on our campus in early June. But it is also why, on the same principle, we support and encourage the free expression of diverse views on campus - as long as it is lawful, respectful and responsible.


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