Sunday, 7 July 2013

How coincidently cute! GET UP ADD QUTES ME!

How cute that Get Up and the usual suspects saw fit to append the infamous 2007 Kevin Rudd quote in a huge full - page advt in Saturday's [yesterday 6/7/13 newspapers] about their derivation of climate lunacy!

''Climate change is  ''the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time.''
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 2007

sam mclean  get up world leaders agrreee on cflimate action australia must stand firm....

I guess neither his obscene rodent quote of June 7 2010 or the subsequent reality that the Chinese are not even interested has caused Rudd to change his mind!

But now that he is running in a real - live election with hopes that we will forget when he reconfigures this GREATEST OF MORAL ISSUES INTO A TOKEN - AN ADMINISTRATIVE FARCE - guaranteed to cost plenty and achieve NOTHING!!
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To win a political outcome through bullying, sabotage, arrogance and self-centredness.
"Those Chinese fuckers are trying to rat-fuck us," said Australian Prime Minster, Kevin Rudd.
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Originally the term was used in surfer culture for tricks on the waves causing a surfer to fall. The term was coyly taken by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth for his cartoon character Rat Fink, who had the letters "R.F." on his chest. Those in the know would realize that the name really meant this term.

It was resurrected by the "USC Mafia" in school elections before they joined the Nixon administration and perfected the practice; it means to utilize dirty tactics (i.e. stealing ballots, changing the time of events with organizers, etc.) in political campaigns to win at any cost. This practice eventually led to the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation.

Carl Rove is a true rat-fucker.
One staffer really rat-fucked a guy, he wrote a false and racist memo allegedly from a Democratic candidate in Florida. He fuckin' lost!
dirty politics smear nixon bush 
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