Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Whither art thou, the National Press Club?

Whither art thou, the National Press Club?
I see multiple indictments facing Kevin Rudd in the mismanagement of everything, massive deficits, unworkable policies, illegal immigrants / multiple tragedies, Climate Tax reconfiguration farce, the NBN  white elephant.
And the litany of 6 years of scores of other catastrophes the PM is seemingly allowed to plead nolo – contenderer to by the National Press Club; all under the aegis of a ‘honeymoon’.
I sometimes see great articles – Rudd or Labor never, ever feel the slightest obligation to respond to.
Is that all there is to it guys?
Have you no sense of responsibility?
Have you not noticed that  Rudd never gets a tough question that he cannot run away from?
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nolo contendere (no-low kahn-ten-durr-ray) n. Latin for "I will not contest" the charges which is a plea made by a defendant to a criminal charge, allowing the judge to then find him/her guilty, often called a "plea of no contest." (See: no contest)
[Latin, I will not contest it.] A plea in a criminal case by which the defendant answers the charges made in the indictment by declining to dispute or admit the fact of his or her guilt.
The defendant who pleads nolo contendere submits for a udgment fixing a fine or sentence the same as if he or she had pleaded guilty. The difference is that a plea of nolo contendere cannot later be used to prove wrongdoing in a civil suit for monetary damages, but a plea of guilty can. Nolo contendere is especially popular in antitrust actions, such as price-fixing cases, where it is very likely that civil actions for treble damages will be started after the defendant has been successfully prosecuted.

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