Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nothing is more correct than the obviously correct!
  1. Carbon trading in Europe is a scam: yet via this  farce our Euro friends manage to protect themselves from their own scam.
  2. Not our Kevin - he has always been a sucker  with succour for the insane sops of the left! And there are too many to list.
  3. How would one describe trading of invisible/  hot - air / permits created by the Burgomeisters of Brussells - with authenticity claimed via their own scam? this is circutious, illegal insulting garbage - and surely challengeable by the Chicago Commodities exchange who would be troubled by trading 'nothing' - with no delivery protocols? Which is exactly what Tony Abbott decried yesterday! OF COURSE CHICAGO REGARD THE HOT AIR SCAM AS BEYOND COMMENTARY: EVER TRIED TO GET A RESPONSE FROM THEM?
Of course it is worse than it appears; the left simply do not understand that there has never been a commodities exchange that not only has no commodity for delivery, but relies on the  exchange accepting the promoters' propaganda in the form of paper permits! Is everyone awake now?
This is all such an insult to the intelligence - and has nothing to do with or acceptance of the much fetted so - called dangers of climate change.
Yet the ABC are of course so eager to pursue the government policy no matter how Labor's viccisitudes humiliate them - that they have once again referred to it as ''.....potentially dangerous climate change.''

TWT:   Is climate policy more about our hip pockets than about reducing carbon emissions?12:14:00 15/07/2013

They are at best irresponsible and understand nothing about what Tony Abbott's understatement.
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ELEANOR HALL: The Prime Minister's proposal to bring forward the market-based element of Australia's carbon pricing policy may be clever politics, but one climate change analyst says the climate debate in Australia has become so focussed on the budget bottom line and our individual hip pockets that we're in danger of missing the point - that it’s meant to be about reducing carbon emissions to head off potentially dangerous climate change.


Tony Abbott says ETS a 'market in an invisible substance'

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