You have to laugh or cry, but Employment Minister, Brendan O'Connor and his advisers, didn't even get it.  Take this huffy letter he wrote to the Australian today:
JUDITH Sloan questions my statement that Labor has created almost a million jobs ("Job creation no government miracle", 27-28/7).
Well, these are the facts: more than 966,000 jobs have been created since Labor came to office in November 2007. That's a 10 per cent increase in total jobs across the economy.
What makes this achievement remarkable is those 966,000 jobs were created in Australia during a time when 27 million people around the world lost their jobs during, and in the wake of, the global financial crisis.
Our economic management has seen Australia maintain one of the lowest average unemployment rates among the world's advanced industrialised economies.
The point I was making was not about the numbers (although, come off it Brendan, using the original numbers rather than the seasonally adjusted numbers is a low trick - December cannot be compared with June).
It was about the fact that the minister had said that "we created ... jobs".
Governments do not create jobs, mate.
And what's with this average unemployment rate?  Our unemployment rate is increasing and is heading from rates not seen since the GFC?  Is there a bit of fudging going on?
Here is my piece from the Weekend Australian:
One of the things that really gets my goat is members of the government claiming that “we have created a million jobs”. Read more of this post