Thursday, 28 March 2013

Loebbecke; responsa re cartoon

Eric Lobbecke Blog | 18January 2013|2 Comments
Julia Gillard can make a comeback from her mistakes says Graham Richardson on today’s opinion page.
The phoenix is this scribbler’s favourite metaphor for a Lazarus-type resurrection.

And don’t forget the LONG PICTURE, a visual depiction of the year’s events all in one drawing. Add your idea as a comment, and I will choose one to draw into the picture.

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Loudon Cleary
the australian
Fri 18 Jan 13 (06:44pm)
What a disgusting, anti-Semitic cartoon! As if it isn’t bad enough to portray Gillard as a vicious vulture (no one will get the Phoenix thing) dancing on a burning parliament, you tell readers that either she’s willingly representing evil Jews in this destruction or that evil Jews have made her trample Aussie democracy. This piece of filth belongs in Der Sturmer, the Nazi anti-Semitic paper more than the Australian – and shame on the Australian for publishing it.

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