Monday, 11 March 2013

senile Hawke

The Gillard government is in major trouble if geriatric elder statesman Bob Hawke is reduced to recommending ''collective views''  -  defacto one party rule.

That this idea was even dreamed up - is a colossal indictment - an  asinine idea unique to the left!

Geoff Seidner

'Both parties responsible' for parlous state of affairs

PARLIAMENT'S workings are increasingly being viewed with contempt by Australians, Bob Hawke has warned, on the 30th anniversary of his election as prime minister.
The Labor legend told a reunion of the 1983 press gallery the situation was tragic and both sides of politics were to blame.
"I firmly believe that we are confronting in our society today quite fundamental challenges that are going to the very sustainability of our democratic fabric," Mr Hawke said at the Saturday dinner at the National Press Club to commemorate his election on March 5, 1983.
"I think it is absolutely tragic the way our parliamentary process and system is coming into, not just disrespect and disrepute, but contempt.
"The parliament we have now is getting worse and this is attributable to both sides."
Mr Hawke, 83, said parliament was no longer a chamber in which issues were discussed on their merits. Decisions on how MPs should vote were made by parties in caucus meetings and were no longer seriously debated in parliament, he said.
"My proposal is that the leaders of both sides should make a commitment in this next election that they will say to the Australian people: 'We will come to you with a specific legislative program'."
He said the government should take its detailed proposals into parliament to be debated by all MPs. No caucus meetings should be held in advance to determine collective views. The government should abide by the decision reached by parliament.
Mr Hawke said if that were done, the process "would be treated with respect and importantly the relationship between the members of parliament and the electorate would be strengthened".

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The Canberra Times
  1. 'Both parties responsible' for parlous state of affairs

    The Australian ‎- 15 hours ago
    ... increasingly being viewed with contempt by Australians, Bob Hawke has ... a reunion of the 1983 press gallery the situation was tragic and both sides of ... Decisions on how MPs should vote were made by parties in caucus ...

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