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my letter published in THE OZ 26/3/12

My letter published in THE OZ as below, 26/3/12: see the original and various resource material:Of Gillard and bunnies

Other material of recent vintage - 
Gillard overlooks misogyny in some, but not others

YOUR front page is graced by a photo of our Prime Minister taking a happy shot of herself with radio jock Kyle Sandilands whose own words prove him far more misogynist than Tony Abbott ever was ("Misogynist? No, that's the other Mr Rabbit", 25/3). What blatant hypocrisy.
Julia Gillard condemned Abbott for looking at his watch during her misogyny tirade and last week reiterated the accusation for no apparent reason, then she cavorts with someone who called a female journalist a "fat slag" and made disparaging comments about her breasts.
Gillard is condemned by the company she chooses - unionists and shock jocks. Now she degrades the meaning of a pivotal event in Christian worship, burying Jesus under a mound of chocolate.
Ruth Bonetti, The Gap, Qld
THE photo of Julia Gillard frolicking with Kyle Sandilands in the grounds of Kirribilli House - that my taxes help pay for - is, for this voter, a line in the sand. To portray it to the media as a children's charity displays hypocrisy far beyond her spin supporting Peter Slipper's sexist texts.
I cannot find anything any more to believe in with this woman, who seemed to offer so much. I care nought about her anymore, but I weep for the Labor Party.
Maggie Morrison, Mordialloc, Vic
I DON'T listen to Kyle Sandilands but was offended by the reported remarks to a young woman who had been molested and to a female journalist who wrote an unflattering remark about his program.
When I heard that Julia Gillard appeared on his program after last week's leadership debacle I thought I must have misheard, only to read that she did actually spare him some time in her busy schedule to talk about Easter eggs and bunny suits.
I guess it simply illustrates the fact that it is better to have most people believe that Gillard's accusations of misogyny against Tony Abbott were confected hypocrisy rather than to appear on Sandilands's program and remove all doubt.
Robert Webb, Ormiston, Qld
WE did not have long to wait for Julia Gillard to make another serious error of judgment - this time being photographed with the serial sexist Kyle Sandilands, whom she invited to help hunt for Easter eggs.
Sandilands is responsible for the most outrageous anti-women comments of recent times, but there's Gillard proudly recording her own foolishness for posterity.
This is a multi-layered doozy with irony, stupidity, astonishing hypocrisy and more. And she designates Tony Abbott as a misogynist.
For how much longer will she be such rich fodder for Cut & Paste?
Geoff Seidner, St Kilda, Vic
WHAT on earth was our misogynist-hating Prime Minister doing having a cosy talk on radio last week with Kyle Sandilands, an insulter of women in the class of Peter Slipper? If Tony Abbott looks at his watch while she is talking, then she brands him a woman hater. But she talks to Sandilands as if he was a best mate.
Brian Whybrow, Kambah, ACT
I AM not sure which is the most appropriate word to describe your front page photo, but disturbing certainly comes to mind. Is there no end to the hypocrisy of our Prime Minister? The misogynist-hater snuggling up with Kyle Sandilands, who has public form in his derision of women. Talk about a goose and a bunny!
Peter Griffiths, Scarborough, Qld
I REGRET the Prime Minister has again demonstrated a lack of judgment. To be photographed with Kyle Sandilands - even in the name of charity - is unacceptable.
Sandilands's reputation should have set red lights flashing and sirens wailing among the PM's minders.
R. Miller, Rouse Hill, NSW

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